CHARLIE CLARK will tease the release of his long-awaited debut solo album with new single Don't Have A Cow, Man!

The singer will unveil the track on February 5, ahead of the full-length release - Late Night Drinking - scheduled for later this year.

It will be his first major solo release since the Feel Something EP in 2013, though Clark has been heavily involved in Broken Arrow, MJ12 and The Reindeer Section, as well as the indie-pop quartet Astrid from the ground up.

Late Night Drink will also be the inaugural release from It's Creation Baby! - the new imprint from music mogul Alan McGee.

Clark's latest material is a product of the peaks and troughs of life in Los Angeles and his long-standing personal battles.

Don’t Have A Cow, Man! was written as he found himself facing a major crossroads in life and a growing addiction problem.

He said: "I wrote the chorus of Don’t Have A Cow, Man! just before moving back to Scotland from Los Angeles and finished it in Stornoway. I came home to help care for my father who was terminally ill, so I had some serious s**t to get together.”

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Don't Have A Cow, Man! will be released on Friday, February 5Don't Have A Cow, Man! will be released on Friday, February 5

“A friend said it’s like Sit Down by James on very strong sedatives,” he added. “Having said all that I also wanted it to have a good groove and make people dance.

"It’s a slice of indie-pop definitely inspired by more 60s' style pop. I hope people see it as a positive message as, obviously, I chose to live.”.

Clark's album touches upon his road to recovery and adopting the embrace of positivity while taking the time to reflect upon life-rocking events over the last few years.

He said: “I honestly had no intention of making an album, but when I moved back from LA permanently I wrote 11 songs that told a story like a journal.

"Ten years of living in California, the breakdown of a relationship, losing my father, relapsing after a decade of abstinence, working for seven years at Harvard & Stone in LA - the only venue I’ve worked at where the staff are more rock n roll than the bands.

"The songs told that story and there’s a very positive message, underneath it all, of hope and love.”

With additional appearances from Astrid compadre Willie Campbell on vocals, Calum Buchanan from The Sea Atlas, plus his brother Kevin Clark of The Broken Ravens on drums, Late Night Drinking has been produced by Jason Shaw from Cambodian Space Project and mastered by Mark Gardener from RIDE. 

Debut single, Don’t Have A Cow, Man! will be available from February 5, 2021.

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