IT IS FAIR to say the HYYTS juggernaut will be rolling on at pace this year, if their recent output is anything to go.

The duo certainly could not be accused of laziness – or, indeed, Sloth, as it were – as they turned out four singles in 2020, along with a few remixes as well.

They kicked off this year with their single Bad Tattoo, complete with Facebook videos where both Sam and Adam give tattoo tours of their bodies.

This week, however, Adam goes one step deeper as he confesses to The Weekender his 7 Deadly Tunes.

SLOTH – What tune makes you want to sit back and do nothing forever?

Losing You by Solange: I chose this because I believe it is the perfect song; we can all sit back and stop trying now because the perfect song has been written. The fact that it manages to be so laid-back, so dancy, and just picks a groove and sticks with it makes it the perfect sexy, Slothy banger to me

WRATH – What tune makes you want to absolutely wreck the hoose?

Chop Suey! by System of a Down: One of my favourite albums growing up, this is still an absolute favourite to stick on at 3am when everyone is steaming. We especially love screaming the word ‘FATHER’ over and over again into each other’s faces when we’re particularly loose lol

LUST – What tune do you NEED in your life right now?

Mont Blanc by the Quiet Hollers: I only found this song like last week and I just can not stop listening to it – the lyrics, in particular, are an absolute masterpiece. I love gloomy apocalyptic stuff and the story this song tells is genuinely amazing. So sad, and beautiful, and uplifting, and scary.

GLUTTONY – What tune can you not get enough of?

Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel: This song just won’t let me go; I can never seem to get enough of it. It sounds like it was made yesterday and it’s, like, 40 years old. It has maybe the best bassline of all time and it is just the perfect groove. Also, maybe the best music video ever?

GREED – What tune makes you want to hear more and more from that band?

SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY by Amaarae: As soon as Amaarae comes on shuffle I need to stick the whole album on. I found her towards the end of last year and she’s quickly become my most listened to artist. Her album is African pop music at its absolute best – the whole thing flies by in what feels like five minutes.

PRIDE – What tune/chorus/verse/solo/lyric are you most proud to have written?

Dreamkiller by HYYTS: I’m quite unashamedly proud of my own music and really lamely a big fan of my own band, so, this one was tough. But this was one of the first songs we ever wrote together and I think it really shows what we do best when we work as a team: Sam's production and melodies working with my big high vocals and rhythmical lyrics.

ENVY – What tune/chorus/verse/solo/lyric do you wish you had written?

Slip Slidin' away by Paul Simon: I’ll wish I wrote this til the day I die. Three verse that are all just perfectly-written, heartbreakingly-beautiful stories about being a human. It doesn’t sound written at all, that’s what’s mental about Paul Simon, it just sounds like it fell out of his mouth perfectly rhyming and making beautiful sense.

LISTEN: Bad Tattoo by HYYTS on Spotify