FEMALE artists from across Scotland will stand together against the lack of gender balance in the industry with the release of a 13-song collaboration next month.

Cover to Cover is a groundbreaking charity project kickstarted by Fiona Liddell and aims to highlight the underrepresentation of female artists in Scottish music.

The idea was sparked by the lack of female artists on the “Scotify” playlist, one of the most followed playlists for Scottish music on Spotify. More than two-thirds of the compilation was devoted to male artists, some of whom had multiple tracks featured.

In an effort to address the imbalance, Liddell enlisted the help of some fellow female artists to showcase the raw talent that Scotland has to offer.

Scottish female artists highlight inequality with covers album

The album features 13 songs in total with each artist covering an original track. Some of the tracks are already released with others to follow between now and the end of April.

An album containing 13 will be unveiled on March 5, with all profits raised going to support Scottish Women Inventing Music.

Liddell told The Weekender: "Cover To Cover began, in part, due to my own shocking track record of working with female musicians. In ten years of performing on stage, I can probably count the number of times I've shared the stage with another woman on one hand.

"The album's aim is to bring to light the inequality shown from streaming services such as Spotify and from the industry as a whole.

"I also hope that a collaborative album between 13 prominent female artists will inspire younger women to get into music and work with each other to create art."

The artist added: "There's a competitive attitude in the independent music industry which I see as problematic for male and female artists.

Scottish female artists highlight inequality with covers album

"I see musicians constantly comparing themselves to their peers and beating themselves up for their failures instead of taking inspiration from others' successes or supporting and sharing in each others' endeavours.

"Projects like Cover To Cover, I hope, can change that mindset into one that champions collaboration and support over competition and isolation."

The album's tracklist includes covers from Gefahrgeist, Jen Ella, Sarya, Olivia Thom, Ceiti, Amie Huckstep, Mima Merrow, Post Coal Prom Queen, Chiara Baillie, PINLIGHT, Jen Athan, Francesca Ortisi and Aurora Engine.

The album’s artwork was designed by Gannucci Art, while the graphics and mission statement was written and created by Naomi Head.

Buy the album by visiting https://fionaliddell.bandcamp.com/