IF THERE'S anyone that loves a sing-along, it's the Tartan Army.

Thousands have descended upon London today, with no doubt more to come tomorrow, and it's sure to be a party atmosphere throughout.

Scotland is already known for its full-blooded commitment to the cause but the tunes and, those responsible for them, are showing everyone what we are made of.

So, in honour of the 26 warriors selected by Steve Clarke, The Weekender has assigned a band to a player which best embodies their character. Well, kinda...

While this is serious stuff, it's also really not - so, try not to think about it too much.

That now said, here are the Scottish artists called up by The Weekender...

Craig Gordon -- Colin Clyne

Has been doing it for years and still produces the goods. Just seems like a sound guy as well.

David Marshall -- BETA WAVES

Tunes to get absolutely 'oot yer box' tae, but has put in the hard miles to get to a high level and deserves the recognition.

Jon McLaughlin -- Kitti

Picks up honours for a reason: talent. And let's be honest, they are as good as anyone else we have - if they were the only option for the position, we'd be well sorted.

Liam Cooper -- The Rah's

Been threatening to be special for a while now and absolutely nailed it when the chance came around. Another gear to be found, I'm sure, and what a 2021 it will be for them.

Declan Gallagher -- Paris Street Rebels

Absolutely frightening; would stick the heid through anything. I'm honestly worried they'll read this and knock me out. Dominant, though - easily would have kept out Schick's opener.

Grant Hanley -- Retro Video Club

Absent for wee while and then came storming back like they were never away. Can't imagine what we'd do without them now.

Jack Hendry -- TONTO

Can hit the bar like the best of them; has always proved capable when called upon and is just waiting for the chance to shine.

Scott McKenna -- Primes

Criminally underrated (said the Dons fan) but clearly has all the attributes to play at the highest level. Capable of special moments.

Stephen O’Donnell -- Rianne Downey

Straight ootta Bellshill and anyone with a bad word to say about them will be hearing from me.

Nathan Patterson -- Sasha Kaloheris

Absolutely one for the future and, by the sounds, will be all-conquering in no time. 

Andy Robertson -- KT Tunstall

The skipper. Leads by example and won't leave anyone behind - fights the good fight. A good few honours to their name as well, to say the least. 

Kieran Tierney -- Brownbear

Hard to find anyone who doesn't like him and if you do, they're wrong. Honestly feel like the guy can do anything he tries his hand at.

Greg Taylor -- Michael Cooke

A Greenock man, can run all day and has even tried his hand at acting (we all remember that 'penalty' you won at St Mirren, Greg). But a talent is a talent and this lad has it.

Stuart Armstrong -- Josephine Sillars

Went from Inverness to Glasgow and now showcases all that talent down south; wouldn't look out of place playing at the highest levels. 

Billy Gilmour -- Connor Fyfe

Hard to imagine a greater talent for someone so young. While be running rings 'roon the rest of them in no time. 

John Fleck -- Kerri Watt

Came through a young age but has proved themselves time and time again. Most recent performances are a delightful realisation of that potential.

Callum McGregor -- Paolo Nutini

Has been around for ages and has been at the top level all that time. Been accused of hiding, though. 

Scott McTominay -- Luke La Volpe

We all know what he's capable of, just get out the way and let him do his thing. Thrives when pushed up; one for the biggest stages.

John McGinn -- Jamie Pollock

Can play well with others, but can also do it all himself. Always worth keeping an eye out to see what he comes battering out with next.

David Turnbull -- Dead Pony

Obvious talent was evident from the start, but my goodness, did they take a step up these last 12 months or so. Very likely to run amok later this year.

Ché Adams -- Eliza Shaddad

A bit of a recent discovery, at least for me, and I could not be more happy about it. You gotta love that Scottish heritage coming to our rescue. Pure class.

Ryan Christie -- Dictator

Having won The Weekender's Song of the Year Award on the back of a tune with a 90-second intro... They're certainly not shy of a long shot. When it pays off, it pays off big.

Lyndon Dykes -- The Lutras

We've got Dumfries to thank for them being in our lives and still a big favourite among the Doonhamers. Always gets the backing of the fans.

James Forrest -- Mark Sharp and the Bicycle Thieves

Away for a wee while, there, but then comes flying back looking pretty special. Expecting big things this summer and beyond. 

Ryan Fraser -- Cara Rose

Not known as a towering aerial presence, but - oh my word - what a talent. Honestly, not kidding, never mind this football/music carry on, check out her releases.

Kevin Nisbet -- Shambolics

Some strong Fife connection here and you just the feeling they'll be taking that next big step over the summer or in the near future. Quality talent.

Honourable mentions? We are all Andy Considine. Yes, sir...