NOTHING quite signals a good weekend like football and music — especially when both are Scottish.

From celebration bangers to hype you up to 'soothe your nerves' tracks to settle you down, there's something for every range of emotion that you may be feeling tonight.

Whatever the results produce, this week's new releases are certain to not let you down.

The Temple Sons — Unbreakable

This Aberdeen-based quartet moved away from their usual hearty and guttural rock'n'roll— just for a moment— to showcase their ability take things slow. Not only playing with their heart and soul, but opening them up to give you 'Unbreakable'.

One-line review: "What do you get when you mix the smokey vocals of Kelly Jones and the warm vulnerability of Rod Stewart? Nicky Aiken's vocals on Unbreakable."

FFO: Stereophonics, Travis, Temperance Movement, Foo Fighters

Pizza Crunch — Celexa

An indisputably neo post-punk driving force with members from different parts of Scotland, Pizza Crunch are near unstoppable. The four-piece hadn't spent long together before they were headlining Club Sabbath and releasing three brand new singles. Since then, Pizza Crunch have become media favourites, receiving attention on BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio.

One-line review: "This has a way of making talent feel effortless, style come easy and time travel to the late 80s, possible."

FFO: Declan McKenna, Cameo Habitat, swim school, Buffet Lunch

Parliamo — Paul and Barry

With an impressive 2.6k monthly listeners on Spotify, Parliamo has garnered themselves the reputation of Scotland's most promising youth collective — a reputation that cannot be argued. With influences including Primal Scream and Super Furry Animals, there is no doubt that Parliamo have prospects of becoming symbols of a new musical generation and everybody's here for it.

One-line review: "This track is the anthem of the progressive and innovative youth with lyrical and productional skill beyond its years."

FFO: The Vanities, Pizza Crunch, The Snuts, Buffet Lunch, Primal Scream, La Club Royale

Declan Welsh and The Decadent West — Parisian Friends

Growing staggeringly fast, Declan Welsh and The Decadent West have gained over 10,000 more monthly listeners in the last month alone, going from almost 50k to 60k over the course of May. Having establishing themselves within the scene for the last few years, Declan Welsh and The Decadent West are acquiring the fame they so deserve.

One-line review: "Between the seducing vocals, the impeccable guitar riff and driving rhythm section, Declan Welsh and The Decadent West have nailed the relationship between exoticism and eroticism."

FFO: Arctic Monkeys, The Pixies, The Vanities, Heavy Rapids, Pleasure Heads, The Snuts, Voodoos, The Lapelles

Eliza Shaddad — The Man I Admire

Scottish-Sudanese artist, Eliza Shaddad, is soaring new heights in national and international rising fame. Signed to the UK label Beatnik Creative, Shaddad has received acclaim through Rolling Stone, MOJO and The Sunday Times.

One-line review: "Shaddad's vocal execution absolutely steals the show on this track, placed simply to the backdrop of a quaint yet effective chord pattern and subtle harmonics."

FFO: Josephine Sillars, Alanis Morrisette, Sheryl Crow, Julien Bake, Rianne Downey, Dido

Ross Wilcock — Ode to You

Nothing should prick the ears of poet lovers more than poetry set to the backdrop of soft, meditative music. Glasgow-based poet, Ross Wilcock, did exactly this — reminiscent of a Scottish Jim Morrison or the beginning of Donovan's Atlantis.

One-line review: "Glasgow's very own 'An American Prayer' by Jim Morrison."

FFO: Jim Morrison, Patti Smith, Donovan

Hamish Hawk — Nee Rhododendrons

Edinburgh's Hamish Hawk carries the flavour of Scotland in his voice but the innovation and intricacy of engaging lyricism. With almost 20,000 monthly listeners from all over the UK, 'Nee Rhododendrons' is a testament to Hamish's blooming success.

One-line review: "Progressive and traditional; often contradictory, but in this instance are so compellingly complimentary to Hamish Hawk's style."

FFO: Dougie MacLean, Skerryvore, Paolo Nutini

HYYTS — Kinda Need You Here Tonight

Glasgow's iconic pop duo, Adam and Sam, are quickly climbing the ladder to the top and that statement shouldn't be taken lightly. With an aim to "distract you from all the bullshit three minutes at a time", the duo has done exactly that for over 50,000 listeners.

One-line review: "An absolute sure sound of the summer that could knock some of the more commercial pop songs from their spot on the charts."

FFO: La Club Royale, Chainsmokers, Glassmasterer, Eleanor Hickey, Kings Klub, Dev Green

Snack Villain — Garden of Zen

Releasing music under the project of Snack Villain since 2017, Adam Skirving is 'doing bits' in the Scottish music scene— producing the most fascinating and atmospheric ripples of electronic music that are almost certainly becoming waves within the industry. If the monotonous don't swim, they'll drown.

One-line review: "Who knew that you didn't actually have to be among nature to feel ambience but instead could be invited into the entrancing world of electro-synth pop in Garden of Zen?"

FFO: La Club Royale, Glassmasterer, Aphex Twin