Put land to good use
DEAR Editor, 
I was very disappointed to read that the council are intending to sell off some of the land at Johnstone Park in Alva. 
I agree with those in the community that this land should be used for the common good, not sold off to the highest bidder. 
We do not want to see what precious little land we still have sold off. 
The council is under pressure from budget cuts, but the problem is not the council tax freeze, it is the council tax. 
The council tax is unfair and requires the poorest to contribute disproportionately more than the rich. 
RISE will replace the council tax with a fairer, progressive, income based tax to raise additional revenue from those who are able to pay. 
This would mean we would not have to resort to selling land to save a few pounds but would be able to invest in more local public services.
Bryan Quinn, RISE Mid Scotland and Fife candidate

Love shines through
DEAR Editor,
For many of us February is the month of love. With the warm afterglow of Valentine’s Day still fresh in the air, I’d like to take a moment to tell your readers how for some of our guests a break with our charity has been so much more than a holiday– it has been the road to love.
I work for Revitalise, an amazing national charity that provides respite holidays for disabled people and carers. 
To mark Valentine’s Day, we made a video entitled That’s Amore. It is an unabashed celebration of love and affection, documenting the heartwarming story of how lovebirds Carl and Tracey met and fell in love at our Southport centre, Sandpipers. 
While the pair perfectly encapsulate the romanticism of February 14, it’s a sobering thought that for some, Valentine’s Day only serves to deepen feelings of loneliness.
Our research shows 46 per cent of disabled people and carers have feelings of apprehension about being isolated and stuck in one place. 
That’s why we work extremely hard to provide our guests with a truly meaningful holiday experience, one in which they are able to have fun, build friendships with one another and most importantly, create memories that we hope will last a lifetime. We rely on the generosity of individuals to make these breaks possible.
If you would like to find out more about Revitalise and ways that you can support us, please call 0303 303 0147 or visit revitalise.org.uk
Stephanie Stone, Revitalise

Social care appeal
DEAR Editor,
At Leonard Cheshire Disability, we believe everyone should be able to live their lives independently and with dignity while getting the support they need, including everyday tasks such as washing, dressing and eating. These are not luxuries, but essentials. 
Sadly, some disabled and older people are still experiencing flying 15-minute care visits which can leave them facing impossible choices like having a cup of tea or using the loo. Others have seen cuts to their social care because of council budget pressures. 
We are campaigning for better and fairer social care and would like to hear from your readers about their experiences. 
Whether you have received care yourself or experienced it through a friend or family member, please get in touch. 
Together we can make a difference.
For more information on our campaign visit leonardcheshire.org 
Amy Parker, Leonard Cheshire Disability