THIS week, our readers wrote to us about video evidence, the Queen's Birthday and Longannet. We also have a farewell letter from Dr Richard Simpson, former MSP. Here's what they said...

Video evidence
DEAR Editor,
Just a small point about Alloa court being unable to view video evidence of a man’s alleged “dangerous driving”.
Having witnessed Alloa court’s inability to view certain, if not all, video evidence at certain trials over a number of years, due to software incompatibility, you would think this would come to the attention of the regular professionals within the court. 
Alarmingly however, having intimate knowledge of the workings of the court and the changes like different fiscals and judges, sometimes on a daily basis is the only reason/excuse I can see in my humble opinion and meagre experience of Alloa Sheriff Court. 
It just strikes me as odd that this has not been brought to the relevant professionals’ attention considering the first time I noticed it having an impact on a criminal trial was about four years ago, which in my opinion is a serious matter in itself.
Thomas Speirs

Distinguished career
DEAR Editor,
As you may be aware, I have officially retired from the Scottish Parliament as of Thursday, March 24.
Since being first elected in 1999 as a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Ochil constituency, and re-elected in 2007 as a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Mid-Scotland and Fife region, it was always an honour and privilege to have been a representative for my constituents.
During my 13 years in the Scottish Parliament, I have campaigned on various issues, which included ‘Save Waterwatch’, the undergrounding of the electricity line from Beauly to Denny and stopping the running of night trains on the Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine railway line. 
I was also involved in the dropping of the SNP bid to allow local licensing boards to ban under-21 alcohol sales, arguing that this would discriminate against young people who were responsible drinkers.
As Justice Minister in the first parliament I was proud to have reduced the number of women offenders going into prison with short term sentences diverting those with drug problems into treatment. I was also proud to have served in a Labour government that introduced free personal care.
The NHS has occupied much of my life as a GP and politician.
As Shadow Public Health Minister I have warned since 2010 of the growing crisis in general practice now upon us.
I introduced two Member’s Bill in the Scottish Parliament. One to ban transfats and one to help change the culture towards alcohol in Scotland.
Although both were voted down by the SNP the levels of both transfats and alcohol have declined.
I will continue to campaign and support the Labour Party and its movement to remain in the European Union.
I also hope that following the upcoming Holyrood Election on Thursday, May 5 there will be a Scottish Labour MSP elected in this constituency to replace my office.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support during my time in the Scottish Parliament.
Yours sincerely,
Dr Richard Simpson

Slow-burning issue
DEAR Editor,
Following the recent closure of Scotland’s last coal fired power station, located at Longannet, I wonder if any of your readers have, like me, noticed that their kettle seems to boil less rapidly?
John Eoin Douglas

Birthday celebrations
DEAR Editor,
It is remarkable that, as her 90th birthday approaches, Her Majesty the Queen is still working so passionately for our country, and supporting the work of hundreds of charitable organisations.
In recognition of her incredible efforts, I would like to invite readers to be part of an historic online commemoration at
The Queen’s Birthday Book will form a huge digital collection of messages, photos and film to mark Her Majesty’s special day on Thursday, April 21.
Anyone can contribute for free by adding their birthday messages and personal stories of meeting the Queen, and they can also share photos and videos of their street parties and celebrations for her official birthday in June.
One of my own special memories is performing for the Queen and other members of the royal family at Her Majesty’s 16th birthday celebrations at Windsor Castle, a night which I hope she remembers as fondly as I do.
As well as a great digital archive for future generations to look back on, we’ve created this book to raise vital funds for the charities the Queen is patron of, through the sale of specially issued commemorative medals from the London Mint Office.
I do hope that everyone will join me in wishing Her Majesty a very happy 90th birthday by sharing their messages, photos, drawings and videos, while also helping to raise money for some very deserving causes.
Yours faithfully,
Dame Vera Lynn