THIS week, one reader wrote to us about the hidden cost of Belhaven's jobs boost in Clacks. We also have a thank you from Tillicoultry Bowling Club and another reader discusses town centre thefts. Here's what they said...

Have a think before you celebrate new jobs in county

Dear Editor,
I am referring to your recent announcement about jobs being created in Clackmannanshire. 
I’m sorry, but these jobs were taken from Dunbar. 
Twenty-plus people lost their jobs, many with families and mortgages, so before you start celebrations have a thought for these people who have suffered due to the penny-pinching owners that are Greene King (Belhaven Brewery). They are responsible for this injustice. 
It seems to me that big companies have no thought for its workers. 
The jobs that have went at Dunbar were long-standing jobs and a vital stream of revenue to the local economy.
There is already a movement in progress for local people to start boycotting Belhaven and a case should be made for this to be reviewed as it is totally unacceptable people in Dunbar have lost faith in what was once a main employer here, but no more.
How many more jobs are going to be lost to other towns?
Name and address supplied

Special thank you

Dear Editor,
Tillicoultry Bowling Club hosted a bingo tea in aid of the Tillicoultry Ladies Lights Fund, bringing it to the prime sum of £10,000 and counting.
I would personally like to thank the ladies for all their help with the tea and prizes etc, to June Dobbie for all her help, and a few of the non-members for their help selling bingo books and raffle tickets.
I would also like to thank Marion Penman for taking the tickets at the door, my daughter and granddaughter for all their help, and last but not least, Peter Fisher for calling the numbers.
Without them all the night would not have been possible. The sum of nearly £800 was made.
Thanking you all again.
Nancy Dawson

Sick to read of theft in town centre

Dear Editor,
I was so sick to read in the paper dated October 19 about the lady who got her purse stolen in Alloa.
What a rotten thing to happen to a pensioner.
I was in Asda doing my shopping earlier that month and found £20 in one of the checkouts.
Being a pensioner myself, I handed it in and they logged it in their book.
I could have taken that money, kept it and said nothing, but because I’m an honest person I handed it in.
It has since been claimed.
Name and address supplied

Share experience with others

Dear Editor,
I’m 68-years-old and have osteoarthritis. I’m writing to you today to urge readers affected by arthritis to join me in sharing their everyday experiences and support Arthritis Research UK’s new campaign, pushing back the limits of arthritis.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have the loving network of friends and family that I do.
I’m confident that whatever life may throw my way, they will be there to support me. 
Despite this, the pain and fatigue of arthritis can feel isolating and can attack what it means to live; it affects every aspect of my life. 
I’ve been living with arthritis for over five years now, and some days the pain makes it difficult for me to do something as simple as carrying the washing upstairs. 
Over the years, I’ve picked up little tips and tricks that help me throughout the day. During November, the charity Arthritis Research UK is asking people like me to share their experiences of day-to-day living with arthritis in their Share your Everyday campaign. 
Ten million of us in the UK are living with arthritis, and together we can shape the big ideas and little changes to push back the limits and live the lives we want to.
By sharing my story in this campaign, I hope that I will be able to pass on a bit of wisdom that could help make a real day-to-day difference to other people. 
With everyone’s support, we can help to make living with arthritis that little bit easier.
Join me and share your everyday experiences of living with arthritis via
Nora Boswell, living with arthritis

Take advantage of free flu jag

Dear Editor,
It creeps up on us every year but winter is coming, along with cold and flu season. Diabetes Scotland is urging everyone with diabetes, including those who are pregnant, to get a free flu vaccination at their GP practice. 
The consequences of having the flu can be serious for anyone. 
For people with diabetes there are additional, potentially very serious, risks. 
That’s why we’re stressing how important it is to get the flu vaccination now - before the start of winter. 
People living with diabetes should take up the invitation to get a free flu vaccination from their GP now. 
Anyone who has diabetes but hasn’t yet been invited should contact their GP surgery and find out when they are holding flu vaccination clinics. People should also be given a personal healthcare plan by their medical team for times they are feeling unwell. 
Anyone who is affected by diabetes is also welcome to contact Diabetes Scotland’s confidential Helpline if they have any questions or issues they’d like to discuss. 
Helpline Scotland is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm by telephoning 0141 212 8710 and is also available by email on
Linda McGlynn, Diabetes Scotland