NOW the leadership race is over, we can focus on pushing the government forward and delivering Brexit.

The prime minister has said the chances of leaving the EU without a deal are “a million to one”.

I hope this is the case and intend to hold the government to its promises and ensure it delivers.

That said, Brexit is only one part of the new government’s agenda, and it is important other responsibilities are not neglected.

The government has a real opportunity to reform the UK in the post-Brexit world. The establishment of UK-wide frameworks and standards to improve the way the UK delivers for its citizens could be a real step forward.

These new structures are especially important for our constituency and constituencies across the UK.

We must ensure our local concerns are heard and interests protected in the new frameworks that will govern our country.

These frameworks will include agriculture, food and drink standards, consumer protections, competition law and preservation of the UK internal market.

Another key area of policy that the government has already identified is that of Britain’s infrastructure; parts of our constituency still lack decent broadband.

Meanwhile rail and road links across the country are still insufficient.

Agriculture, which is a vital part of our constituency’s economy, still require assurance and investment.

These are two areas that I am looking forward to working with the Government on.

Renewable energy must also be supported. This would allow us to meet our international obligations to cut down CO2 emissions and meet our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

By harvesting Clackmannanshire’s potential for geothermal energy, Clacks can lead on this issue nationally while paying tribute to our mining heritage.

I will continue to support this campaign in parliament.

As always, if you have any issues/concerns please contact me at my office on 38 Primrose Street, Alloa, by phone on 01259 764407, or by email –