IF ANYONE ever needed any convincing that the Westminster system is broken and failing the people of Scotland, then they would need to look no further back than the past few weeks in London.

For, if we were to watch another country embroiled in a political crisis and its parliament shut down by an unelected leader and the ruling government saying it would break the law to achieve unpopular political ends, we might characterise it as a failed state.

We are not there yet. But recent attempts by the Tory Government and unelected advisors to shut down the UK parliament at this crucial time to force through a disastrous No-Deal Brexit and deprive MPs of their role in shaping the Brexit process are the final nails in the coffin of a system that is not fit for purpose.

Throughout the entire Brexit process, the devolved nations have been completely ignored and now Scotland faces being dragged out of the EU, a result we did not vote for, with No-Deal at all.

The UK Government’s own reports on the consequences of a No-Deal make for worrying reading.

An immediate hit to our economy, harming businesses here and across the country, food shortages and putting at risk supplies of vital medicines that people rely on to survive.

We know that a No-Deal Brexit does not improve our negotiating hand, but it remains the plan of a reckless government led by an out of touch politician that is willing to play fast and loose with people’s jobs, businesses and lives.

And make no mistake, a No-Deal Brexit would merely be the start of negotiations with the EU, only from a far weaker position.

It is beyond comprehension for any elected politician with the slightest regard for the wellbeing of their constituents to back this. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Scottish Tory MPs have done.

Luke Graham MP voted against an emergency measure backed by the SNP that would prevent a catastrophic No-Deal, dutifully lining up behind a plan he knows would make his constituents worse off.

He was joined by Tory MSPs last week, who voted against a motion in the Scottish Parliament opposing a No-Deal Brexit.

Scottish Tory politicians across the board are failing to represent their constituents’ key interests and are now fully complicit in this unfolding disaster.

I look forward to the upcoming election, where voters will have their say on their Tory MPs’ record.

The SNP are ready to put Scotland’s opposition to Brexit and our right to choose our own future right at the very heart of the contest.

The Brexit chaos has illustrated beyond any doubt that it is now time to take our own decisions and be the independent, equal and progressive country we know we can be.