THE party is over for Boris Johnson, Clacks parliamentarians unanimously said this week.

Following widespread anger over lockdown party revelations at Downing Street, politicians representing the Wee County at a national and UK level have, from across the whole political spectrum, called for the prime minister to go.

SNP representatives MP John Nicolson and MSP Keith Brown, Labour's MSP Alex Rowley and Green MSP Mark Ruskell – and even Scottish Conservative MSP Alexander Stewart have all called for Mr Johnson to leave high office.

Mr Stewart said: “The prime minister confirmed that he attended this so-called party and as such, has lost the confidence of the country, so I support the calls by Douglas Ross that he should resign.

“I am dismayed and disappointed by the actions of the prime minister.”

MP Nicolson, representing Ochil and South Perthshire at Westminster, described the PM as “deeply dishonest and disdainful” and called on electors to “vote them out”.

He said: “The Scottish Tories have slavishly followed, praised and excused Boris Johnson.

“Their leader, Douglas Ross, backed Boris Johnson as Tory leader.

“They knew his character when they elected him. They knew how mendacious he’s been throughout his career – sacked twice for lying.

“But only now, when he’s been caught partying while the country was in lockdown, have they turned against him.

“With the council elections on the horizon, it’s nothing more than political opportunism.

“As Tory leaders fight blue on blue, with Jacob Rees-Mogg dismissing Scottish Tory Douglas Ross as a 'lightweight', we can all see the disdain with which the Scottish Tory leadership are treated by their London bosses.

“The Scottish Tory leadership is powerless and sycophantic.”

On Thursday, January 13, MSP Keith Brown said that “every day brings new evidence” as to why Mr Johnson is unfit for PM.

Today, No10 apologised to Buckingham Palace for two staff parties the night before Prince Philip's funeral.

Mr Brown told the Advertiser: “There is no question in my mind over whether he should resign.

“He needs to go, and go now.

“It is clear that there is an attitude endemic in the leadership of the Conservative party that they are above the law, that the rules they make for other people do not apply to them.”

He added: “There is genuine anger and anguish amongst people the length and breadth of the country as they realise that Boris and his crew were holding parties at a time when most couldn’t even hold hands with loved ones.”

MSP Mark Ruskell branded Mr Johnson's apology at PMQs “feeble”.

He said: “His display in the Commons once again confirmed that he is utterly unfit to hold public office.

“While the people of Clackmannanshire were enduring immense hardship, to safeguard the vulnerable and protect our public services, Mr Johnson was partying.

“And then he lied about it again and again.

"The level of solidarity shown by the public over the last two years has been remarkable, people in Clackmannanshire have followed strict rules, yet the prime minister didn’t have the decency to follow those same rules.

“Boris Johnson’s actions were not only selfish, but risked undermining important public health guidance.

“Johnson’s time is up. He must go and go now.

“And if he won’t resign then his Conservative colleagues must find their backbone and force him out.”

Labour's Alex Rowley said: "For many families the period where these parties were being held was a period of heartbreak, losing loved ones, and not being with them because they were sticking to the rules - so a genuine felling of grief and anger and that is why this is so hurtful for so many.

“In my lifetime I have never known us to have a prime minister that is not only not trusted by a majority of the country, but is viewed as a compulsive liar and you cannot believe a word the man says.

“That is why he has to go.”