TOMORROW, people across Clackmannanshire will be deciding who'll get their vote in May's local elections. And let's be clear, there's a lot at stake.

The climate crisis is real. The cost of living crisis is real. And people in Clacks are already feeling the impact of inaction.

But we didn't arrive at the current situation overnight. It is the result of decades of bad decisions.

Our communities, and our planet, deserve better than that. And in tomorrow's election, we have the chance to turn the tide.

From my conversations on the doorstep, and our record highs in the polls, we know many people across Scotland agree with our vision for a greener, fairer, and more equal country.

Last year, folks elected a record number of Scottish Green MSPs to Holyrood. And we're already showing what having more Greens at the heart of government can do.

We've delivered free bus travel for all young people under 22, secured record investment in active travel and rail decarbonisation, and initiated serious plans to decarbonise our homes and remove poor energy efficiency as a driver of fuel poverty.

In the face of the cost of living crisis, we're accelerating our pathway towards renewables by doubling our onshore wind capacity and investing record amounts in marine energy.

And whilst Westminster doubles down on cuts to Universal Credit, with Greens in government we've doubled the Scottish Child Payment to help struggling families.

We've proven what constructive, collaborative politics can look like.

And we've made a lot of progress, but there's far more to do. And local councils are essential to the greener, fairer future we all believe in.

People need local representatives that are ready to rise to the serious challenges we face – the climate emergency, the cost of living crisis, and so much more.

Now more than ever, we need Green representatives on Clackmannanshire Council to drive the transformative change communities deserve. There's no time to waste.

It's a preferential voting system, so every vote counts.

If you want a greener future for Clackmannanshire then think global, act local, and vote for the Scottish Greens with your first preference vote.