ON WEDNESDAY, December 6, 1950, two local men received awards from the Royal Humane Society for their part in the rescue of a little girl at Gartmorn Dam.

On Sunday, June 18, 10-year-old Margaret Adamson of Sauchie was playing hide and seek near the dam when her friend heard a splash.

The girl had tried to hide behind a bush but had fallen into the water. Her friend ran for help and as she ran along the path, she met Thomas Turner of Sauchie.

She told him what had happened, and he ran to the spot where he saw Margaret face down in the water around 12 feet from the banking.

Quickly, he threw off some of his clothing and dived in. He grabbed her and pulled her to the embankment of the dam but found to his horror, he was unable to clamber out with her as it was too slippy.

At this point Alexander Girdwood from Tillicoultry appeared and when he saw what was happening, he lay down on the embankment and reached down for the girl. He managed to haul her to safety, but she was in a serious condition.

By sheer luck, he knew first aid and managed to resuscitate her. By this time the alarm had been raised and Margaret was soon taken to hospital where she made a full recovery.

Throughout the meeting of the Land Committee that December evening, both men kept their heads lowered as they listened to the Chairman Mr T R Millar who recounted the incident and their brave actions.

Miller told those assembled that without their quick thinking, the outcome may have been very different. It was even more heroic as Turner was not a good swimmer, but his first thought had been to save the girl.

Neither man spoke of their actions, and they only came to light some time after the incident.

Chief Constable P Brodie of the Stirling and Clackmannan Police Force congratulated both men on their gallant efforts.

Although everyone was happy for the men, it was for the little girl and her family that most joy, and relief, was felt.

The only damage done that day was to Turner's watch, which he had not thought to remove before diving in. It was a small price to pay for saving Margaret's life.

Gartmorn Dam remains a draw for people of all ages, but danger is never far away where water is concerned.