In 1787, the lands of Myretoun of Menstrie were sold by John Johnstone of Alva by William Schaw of Sauchie, Lord Cathcart, however its history stretches back to the 17th century.

Myretoun was a farming estate that rented out farm steadings and sublet strips of land.

On 28th March 1606 a feu charter was granted between William Alexander of Menstrie and Joseph Haldane of Bennagale and his wife Eupham Schaw.

The lands of Myretoun were to be 'holden for payment of 32 bolls made malt and 11 ½ bolls oats in name of feu-duty.' The Sassine was dated 12th September.

The lands were later disponed in trust for James Holborne, sometimes Holburne, the superior to William Stirling of Herbertshire on 9th April 1659.

A disposition and assignation was then granted by Holborne to his eldest son John for all the rights and title he had for Myretoun.

This was following Stirling resigning his rights on 9th November 1664, which was then registered on 6th January 1667.

Farmers had to give a 10th of their produce to the church, and these were known as teinds.

There was an extract disposition dated 14th July 1585 whereby Dame Margaret Home, prioress of the North Berwick Abbey, left that right to Patrick Home of Polwarth, along with the 'parsonage teinds of the parish of Logie' which belonged to the North Berwick Abbey.

It was through one of his descendants Sir Patrick Home of Polwarth that James Holborne the elder took control of Myretoun and so began Menstrie's association with the Holborne family.

However, on 31st August 1670, James Holborne the younger married and the land was assigned to John Haldane of Airthrey

Haldane then disponed the land to Robert Forrest, a merchant in Edinburgh, on 9th April 1706.

On 31st March 1708 he sold it to William Robertson of Dunblane for £10,000 Scots.

On 26th June 1708, Sir James Holborne, the superior, issued an instrument of resignation in favour of Robertson.

James Robertson, his son, inherited the land in 1719 and disponed it to Sir John Schaw of Greenock in December 1719 although it was only registered in 1755. Charles Schaw of Sauchie, Lord Cathcart, then inherited the lands in June 1755.

In 1759 the lands were feued to James Guild, who also feued the lands at Balquharn.

After John Johnstone of Alva bought the land, it then stayed in his family until the death of Miss Caroline Elizabeth Mary Johnstone in 1929, who had become the liferenter of it.