AFTER years of campaigning, we're finally set to see a ban on disposable vapes here in Scotland.

For too long, disposable vapes have wreaked havoc on our public health and environment.

Cheap and marketed with bright colours and fruity flavours, disposable vapes have no doubt contributed to the alarming increase in youth vaping across Scotland.

In 2023, a shocking 20.5 per cent of children had tried vaping, a significant increase on 2022 and 2020.

And a terrifying five million disposable vapes are thrown away every week in the UK, with far too many ending up on the streets of communities across Clackmannanshire.

Brilliant grassroots campaigns – led by the incredible Laura Young and others – have highlighted the environmental damage caused by single use vapes, collecting hundreds at a time on beach and street cleans across Scotland.

So, I am absolutely delighted that this grassroots campaign, championed by my Scottish Green colleague Gillian MacKay – MSP for Central Scotland – has resulted in a UK-wide ban on disposable vapes.

And here in Scotland, we'll even have a Green minister – Lorna Slater – overseeing the roll out of this ban in Scotland.

There are lots of parents, teachers and school staff across Clackmannanshire who are deeply concerned about the epidemic of youth vaping.

I know they'll be joining me in welcoming this important ban on single use vapes.

But I also hope that in the run up to the ban coming into force, retailers and business owners in Clacks ask themselves if they really want to support such a damaging industry.

I hope they take decisive early action to remove disposable vapes from their shelves and help lead the way towards a comprehensive ban later this year.

Delivering this ban on single use vapes is a big step we have long campaigned for – it's about getting action for people and for planet one step at a time.