IN TIMES of uncertainty and upheaval, it's only natural to look to the familiar to guide you through it.

And in the Wee County, they come no more reliable and dependable than Paddy Connolly who admits himself he's basically built in with the bricks at the Recs.

The 49-year-old has once again stepped up to be the bride for the Wasps having been placed in charge for the fifth time in just four years.

His latest tenure comes following Jim Goodwin's departure to St Mirren this week – with Connolly guiding his side to a win over Albion Rovers on Saturday.

He told Advertiser Sport: "I've just been informed this morning that it's the fifth time I've done it which is maybe a wee bit embarrassing that I am still here after all this time.

"I feel in with the bricks now, but I enjoy being involved and would miss it if I wasn't here on a Saturday.

"If new management team comes in I will step aside and that's the way I have always put it across to the chairman. Just like the rest of you guys I am still waiting to see what happens.

"There was a possibility a couple of weeks ago Jim could have gone to Dundee, but that fell through and I think a lot of the players were pretty happy with that.

"But he's never hidden the fact that he's had the desire to go back to full-time and St Mirren was always going to play with his heartstrings because he achieved so much there as a player.

"As soon as I heard that stuff was agreed I knew he would be going there and we wish him well and I am sure he will do well in the Premiership.

"We just need to make sure we look after our guys now and, looking forward, I am sure the chairman will make the right decision which he has done in the past with the managers."

Connolly's Wasps shook off some pre-season rustiness in Saturday's win over the League Two side with Andy Stirling and Adam Brown strikes cancelling out Ousman See's equaliser.

It was a typical first game of the season in many ways and grew increasingly scrappy as a host of substitutions were made, but youngster Cameron O'Donnell's display stood out.

Connolly said: "Pre-season games are always quite difficult because you need to give the players game time. Getting fitness is always the aim albeit it was nice to win the game.

"Second half got a wee bit raggedy just with the changes from both sides. In the first half, there were signs of the stuff we managed to produce last season without an end product.

"So, some pleasing stuff and some rustiness as well, but we have to take into account that it's the first game and give the boys the benefit of the doubt.

"Cameron O'Donnell did well for a kid and he had a very mature performance in tight spaces.

"He always took the ball and, hopefully, for him he has a big future in the game. I'll definitely be giving a glowing reference to the new management team about Cammy."