AS A MEMBER of the goalkeeping union, there's little Chris Henry wants to see less than the pain of a fellow number one.

There's even less he'd rather see than the torment of one of his best mates.

The youngster came off the bench on Saturday for the second time this season as team-mate and Alloa number one Neil Parry pulled up with a hamstring injury during the Wasps' clash with Dunfermline.

Henry knows he has big shoes to fill and a steady showing in the third round of the Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup will do his confidence no harm at all.

But, his rise is only virtue of Parry's pain and Henry conceded that makes it "bittersweet" for him.

The 20-year-old told Advertiser Sport: "It's always nice to come on, but it was in unfortunate circumstances and I hope big Neily makes a good recovery.

"We're quite close; we do the coaching (at East Kilbride YC) together, and we travel together so it's almost bittersweet because you know you are coming on to get your chance.

"But it's unfortunate because the big man suffered a nasty looking injury.

"You hope he pulls through but he's a robust big guy so it will take more than that to keep him down.

"It's great to work with guys like Neily, Andy (Graham), and even the whole squad as a young footballer.

"It's great as they help to show us the right way and big Andy helps us through the game by talking you through it."

After spending nearly every minute of last season watching the football from the sidelines, the former St Mirren player has found himself thrust into action both at Hibs (in the Betfred Cup) and now Dunfermline.

It's not often a number two actually makes it onto the pitch, but Henry could become a more familiar sight if the injury to Parry is as bad as feared.

Henry said: "You need to be ready for it as a goalkeeper and need to make sure your head is in the right place and ready to do your job for the team.

"You've all got jobs to do in the team and if we do them then things should happen for us.

"Last season was at times a bit frustrating but with the form Neily showed you can't exactly complain and just need to bide your time.

"I am just enjoying the football I am getting to play right now and, hopefully, make the most of it."

The stopper produced a number of fine saves to help Alloa knock out Dunfermline on Saturday and Henry believes the Wasps showed the two sides to their game.

He said: "It was a tough game and a few boys picked up injuries but we dug in, especially at the end with some great defensive headers.

"Trouts (Alan Trouten) was his usual and popped up with a goal. It's unbelievable how well he plays at Dunfermline, but even just in general and he's a big, big player for us.

"Going down to 10 men through an unfortunate injury meant we had to sit back, but even then it showed we have two different sides to our game.

"We are good going forward, but can also do the nasty things at the back."