PETER GRANT launched a scathing attack on referee Colin Steven as he accused officials in Scotland of not knowing the rules.

The Alloa boss was left fuming after the whistler gave several contentious calls against his Wasps in Saturday's draw with Dunfermline.

Steven and his assistants missed a handball in the build-up to Kyle Turner's equaliser and Grant also bemoaned the decision to award a throw-in to Dunfermline after the ball hit one of their players.

"I've got to question the referee again," Grant said. "We got all of these things at the start of the season about handball and I think some of his decision (were wrong).

"The one he checks for me for, we head the ball and it hits someone and goes the opposite direction before he gives the decision to them.

"It is quite incredible because it is impossible for the ball to go that way.

"We get criticised for criticising referees. I know their job is hard, but our job is hard.

"These two points could have been massive for us come the end of the season so they have got to take criticism.

"I know he came over and I am shouting at him but I never swore and thankfully I didn't but it was impossible to say the ball that went out was theirs. And I think there was a handball leading up to their equaliser."

Grant continued: "I don't know if I would say the standard is poorer (in Scotland as opposed to England).

"What I would say is what was brought up at the start of the season with the skipper about the new rules is not being put in place.

"(The) referees don't understand them because the ones we were told are not getting shown every week.

"That's unfair on the referees because I think they don't know the rules because it is proven they don't know the rules.

"We've had a player sent off for something the linesman said when he never said anything.

"I don't want to be 'poor old Alloa', you can give a decision against them and it doesn't matter.

"But we were given rules at the start of the season and we must abide by them."

Alloa secured a draw at East End Park thanks to Adam Brown's wonder goal in the second half.

The 24-year-old was only making his first league start in 13 months after Liam Dick pulled out in the warm-up.

And Grant was full of praise for the former Airdrie and Motherwell man's attitude.

He said: Adam Brown has all the talent. There is no doubt of that and he can hit the ball like a bomb.

"He does it week after week at training, but it is just for him to make the right choices.

"He is a young man still learning his trade and as I have said there is no doubt he is a talented boy and I am delighted for him because I was critical of him in the dressing room last week after he came on in the game because there were certain things he did which were not what we asked him to do.

"He has responded in the best possible manner on Saturday."