PETER GRANT has revealed no team talk was needed before Alloa's crunch match with Inverness as he fumed at the disrespect shown to his Wasps.

The part-timers returned to the scene of the previous weekend's 3-0 Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Cup defeat amid a host of reports in the press Grant believes belittled his side's display.

The Alloa manager remains adamant the scoreline flattered the promotion chasers and so he took great delight in proving a host of doubters wrong by claiming a battling point on Saturday.

He said: "I thought the reports on the game last week were rubbish; really poor. The headline in one of the papers, in particular, was ridiculous.

"The boys played really well in the game last week for large periods of time and people forgot about that because Inverness scored a couple of goals in the second half.

"We played really well and they couldn't get near us in the first half and there were no reports of that. I thought it was very disrespectful.

"There was no team talk needed after that.

"We had three or four boys who had to get a fitness test before the game; no team shape or formation, nothing.

"That's what we are up against and off the back of the reporting which I thought was very poor and disrespectful to this group of players I was delighted we got the point."

Alloa took the lead in the Highlands when Liam Buchanan put the finishing touches on a wonderful team move in the sixth minute, only for Inverness' pressure to eventually pay off in the second half.

Carl Tremarco's stunning strike and Jordan White's header looked to have secured all three points for the hosts until Alan Trouten ghosted beyond Shaun Rooney to tap home his seventh goal of the season.

However, Grant was left to rue another refereeing controversy against his side as he insisted Mike Roncone missed a foul in the build up to Inverness' second goal.

"If you look at it and it's hard for the referees with a lot of players in the box, right after we equalise he gives a free kick and if he gives that he has to give a free kick to us in the box," he said.

"That happened last week and there was no report on that nor mention of the fact that one of their goals was a deflection.

"I just hope the decisions aren't going against us and it's a case of 'poor old Alloa, it doesn't matter if Alloa are in the league' because that's what it seems like."

Refereeing controversy aside, one thing which Grant can never doubt is his players' willingness to give their all for Alloa.

He said: "I never question their guts and their determination and the respect they have for each other and that's testament to them.

"People say 'why have you not got a big squad' and that's one of the reasons and everyone has to buy into what these guys are trying to do.

"These guys have been together for a long time and they have shown fantastic fighting spirit.

"These guys are working day-in-day out and then they are training so I don't think it's in any question these guys' commitment."