FROM a packed Ibrox, to a shock expulsion in the Scottish Cup for fielding an ineligible player, there’s very little Craig Donaldson hasn’t seen in football. 

But, even he wasn’t prepared for Sauchie’s visit to Blackburn United to be stopped because of the snow. 

The Reds’ relegation tussle was temporarily put on hold by whistler Ryan Lee after he decided a first-half shower had got the better of New Murrayfield Park, much to the surprise of all those who’d made the trip from Clacks. 

Donaldson admits he was left bemused by the decision to stop the game just after the hour mark with Sauchie 2-0 ahead and the former East Stirlingshire player believes league bosses should now open the door for a switch to summer football. 

“I would be open to summer football and I think you would certainly get more quality,” Sauchie’s stand-in captain on Saturday said. “The wind was horrendous on Saturday and I would rather play in rain all day long than the wind as that ruins a game. 

“Keepers are kicking it out and it’s coming straight back towards the defence. The quality goes right out of the window when the wind picks up.

“I am a big fan of summer football, especially for clubs in our league in these situations as it is difficult for the groundsmen to maintain the pitches.

“It would be something that would maybe interest clubs of Sauchie’s stature. 

“The players are turning up for games and have maybe left work or given up the chance of doing shifts and the chance to earn a wee bit of money. That’s tough on the part-time players as well. 

“That’s the first time in my career where a game has been abandoned in the middle of a game.

“I’ve got to grounds and the game has been called off at 1pm or 2pm but never a game being stopped at 64 minutes in the play.”

It remains unclear whether the game will have to be completely replayed or restarted in the 65th minute and Sauchie chairman Karl Rennie was still trying to find out the answer from league bosses. 

But, whatever the solution, Donaldson says it will be more unfair on Sauchie and could be another twist in a season of unexpected blows for the club. 

He said: “If they were going to call it off, they should have done it maybe five minutes before half-time because that is when the snow and the sleet was coming down. 

“It was really heavy and the lines were starting to disappear and that’s when they should have stopped it.

“Their committee had a go at clearing the lines at half-time and it seemed fairly playable but there was a build-up of snow on your boots and that was a concern of the referee.

“He pulled myself and the Blackburn captain aside and asked us how we felt for the players’ safety.

“It was disappointing for us as it had been a fairly dominant display and I don’t know what will happen, whether we will get the points or there will be a replay.

“I didn’t really understand why we came back out and it was a clear sky when we did and there was no snow falling.” 

He added: “They were in the referee’s ear and they had a few experienced ones saying to the ref about safety for the players.

“The referee was pushed a bit from their side as they know they can get the game rescheduled.

“You never know in football and we could go up there and get beaten and we’re suddenly back in a dogfight and it would be a sore one to take.”