SAUCHIE chairman Karl Rennie has promised the club is looking at “every financial avenue available” as the Clacks side deals with Scottish football’s lockdown. 

Like thousands of teams across the country, the Reds are currently stuck in Limbo after the game was shut down on Friday in a bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

It means the Beechwood Park outfit are likely to miss out on crucial match day revenue, which is certain to cost football clubs thousands of pounds over the coming weeks and months. 

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These are unprecedented times for everyone in the game and even Rennie’s Alloa Athletic counterpart Mike Mulraney admitted challenges lie ahead.

But, just like the Wasps supremo, Rennie is confident the club’s financial position is strong enough to survive the worldwide pandemic - but did warn things could change as events across Scotland do.  

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Beechwood Park is likely to be without a game for some time Beechwood Park is likely to be without a game for some time

Rennie told Advertiser Sport: “Everyone knows the league has been postponed and we are really just in limbo at the moment until we hear from them.

“We are working behind the scenes as everyone knows, including applying for our SFA Licence, to try and make Sauchie better and to try and improve the facilities for everyone at the ground.

“We absolutely agree with the decision [to postpone football], 100 per cent. The health and safety of the fans and the players has to always come first.

“We would never, ever jeopardise that just for a wee game of football, no matter how much it might frustrate everyone.” 

He added: “In terms of the club’s financial position, it will really depend on what the league says when they get back to us. We just have to sit tight for now and see what happens, but we will be looking at every avenue to see how we can fund the club as best we can.

“These are things we have been looking at in the background any way and we do usually have events once a month or so which contribute towards the club and the running of it.

“We are in an okay position but it does depend on how long we are without the football for. We are certainly okay to a certain extent, it just depends on how long that will be.” 

While it remains unclear how long Sauchie have to do without league action, Rennie hopes the squad will return to training as normal next week. 

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Across Clacks, Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney has promised the Wasps will survive the coronavirus pandemic Across Clacks, Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney has promised the Wasps will survive the coronavirus pandemic

Some clubs - such as Jim Goodwin’s Premiership St Mirren - have already said it will be business as usual on the training pitch despite the wider lockdown. 

But, in terms of the impact on match days, the Sauchie supremo admits the suspension will have a wider effect on Clackmannanshire. 

He said: “I’ve never been in anything as severe as this and you are certainly snookered without a lot of things, including the football.

“You also need to be wary for fans who will miss out on the Saturday football, especially older ones, and then the likes of pubs and our own social club which will also miss out on revenue as well.

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“But, as I say, everyone’s safety has to come first no matter what.

“We are still to decide what happens with the players and training. A lot of that will depend on what happens with facilities and whether or not they are still open during all of this.

“At the moment, it is just a bit in Limbo. Hopefully the virus will hit its peak during the 14 days shutdown we are in and then we can begin to look to get back towards normality.

“I generally still see us going ahead with training but it will depend on what facilities are available.”