IT’S not just Iain Flannigan and co. who are having to find ways to get their football fix during the coronavirus shutdown. 

Players of all ages in the Alloa academy and the Wasps Community FC are also having to make do as they get used to life away from the pitch.

But, things have been a little easier thanks to a novel idea to keep the youngsters entertained. 

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The Wasps coaches have launched ‘Buzz On’, a series of remote skills challenges which will run for every week they find themselves without training. 

Each Friday, two skills are being released onto the Wasp Community Club Facebook page with players and coaches asked to take part. 

That’s not all; for each challenge, one winner will be crowned and earn the chance to play on the Recs pitch at half-time during the next first team home game. 

Max Nicholson, the club development officer, told Advertiser Sport: “The young ones are loving it and you are seeing the celebrations that are coming at the end of the videos and successes. 

“That makes it totally worthwhile as soon as you see the smiles on their faces.

“Above all else, the development comes second and it is about giving them some enjoyment in uncertain times.

“For a lot of these kids, they won’t fully understand what is going on when the rug has been pulled out from under them.

“Having spoken to a couple who have submitted videos, it is taking about an hour and a half to get to grips with the skills, which is great as it means they are staying active and hopefully continuing their development.”

The coaches have also set the senior players within the Alloa academy more serious challenges as they aim to stay on top of their fitness during the lockdown. 

Max added: “We also have the academy side of things and that’s a bit more serious as they are the ones who are ultimately trying to be football players.

“We need to encourage the discipline and the effort and make sure they remain there during a time of total turbulence during other aspects of their lives.”