THESE days of coronavirus lockdown are undoubtedly challenging and uncertain for Clackmannanshire's football teams. But, one thing they can both rely on is the backing of their generous fans. 

Alloa chairman Mike Mulrnaney and his Sauchie counterpart Karl Rennie have both spoken proudly of the call to arms currently being answered by locals as they adjust to life without matchday revenue for the foreseeable future. 

Both The Wasps and The Reds are in a stronger position than many clubs across Scotland to cope with the shutdown but the pair have made it clear they will need backing to get them through some challenging times. 

Coronavirus: Mike Mulraney promises Alloa Athletic will survive 'challenging times' amid shutdown

And in recent days scores of supporters have been quick to offer to help the Beechwood Park outfit by asking to sign up to monthly contributions or make one-off donations to see Sauchie through. 

Chairman Rennie told Advertiser Sport: "It is great that so many people are wanting to help Sauchie and it just shows how well supported the club is. You realise how much it means to people. We are so grateful and can't thank them enough. 

"We're the same as everyone else and all other households and still have electricity costs to pay and those kind of things. The club is surviving but the supporter contributions will help towards this.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney has also moved to offer messages of reassurances to Alloa fans Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney has also moved to offer messages of reassurances to Alloa fans

"The supporters are really stepping up in the hour of need at the club and it means a lot, especially when everyone is in a difficult enough situation as it is.

"They are still willing to come forward and contribute something to the club and help us in the long run." 

One issue which is still causing plenty of concern is what to do with the current 2019/20 season. Some have argued it should be declared null and void - with results from England's sixth tier and below already expunged - while others would still prefer to finish this year no matter when football returns. 

As things stand, Sauchie would benefit from the season's cancellation as it would mean certain Premier Division survival while Alloa would retain their Championship place for another year. 

Rennie is adamant, however, The Reds would rather finish the season and decide their own fate regardless of the outcome. 

"Ideally, we would like to get the season finished," he said. "Then, at least we know where we are on our own merit rather than just surviving because everything got cancelled. 

"If we play the games out, then we can say we stayed here because we deserved to or went down on our own merit.

Coronavirus: Karl Rennie says Sauchie will 'explore every financial avenue' in bid to survive lockdown

"We would rather work out our destiny than have it decided for us."

He added: "It's a worrying time and a big part of that is that it's just unknown how long it will last. Some countries had initially said four or five weeks and now they are looking at much longer than that.

"The more people do what they are told and stay inside then the quicker we can get this over."