THE fate of Sauchie's maiden Premier Division campaign still hangs in the balance with East of Scotland (EofS) bosses locked in talks to find an escape plan to end the season. 

The sixth tier of Scottish football is yet to reach a conclusion to deal with the game's lockdown, with the need for a solution only intensifying since SPFL clubs voted to declare all leagues below the top flight over. 

It is understood EofS clubs will this week vote on a ruling to decide the season on an average points per game basis while ruling out relegation in the Premier Division. 

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For Reds boss Fraser Duncan, football continues to take a back seat during the Covid-19 pandemic, but he is hopeful a decision and clarity will be reached. 

He told Advertiser Sport: "We are delighted to be sitting in a position which is fourth bottom in the league. I would have been more worried if we were in the bottom three. It was our objective just to get out of the relegation zone and complete the Great Escape.

"Then I think to myself, does it really matter? Will there be any relegation or anything like that?

"There is due to be a decision made in the next week or so and that is only fair. It let's clubs begin to plan and make their preparations for next season.

"We really need to get to a point where clubs know exactly where the future lies. But, we are only going to know that when the government knows it." 

Duncan added: "I've been a bit disappointed with the whole SPFL argument that is going on and it seems like they are not really thinking about other people and the struggles they have.

"There are more important things going on and we are showing ourselves in a bad light." 

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Meanwhile, Sauchie's fundraising activities continue to gather steam with generous fans doing their bit to support the club during football's lockdown.

"It's important the club gets these wee things," Duncan added. "But, we were very wary at the time about putting these things out. People are struggling for employment and the last thing they want is a football club ramming things down their necks and asking for money.

"If you can do it, great. It is massively appreciated. I can only thank the supporters who do that and who do support the club."