SAUCHIE JUNIORS can finally consign this season to the record books after East of Scotland (EofS) clubs voted to end the current campaign.

The Reds’ Premier Division survival was secured last week when teams across the divisions overwhelmingly gave their consent to proposals by league bosses.

Relegation was removed from the top tier – albeit, Sauchie were mathematically safe – while the Premier Division has been increased in size for one year to promote extra clubs from the Conferences.

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The league will be returned to its normal 16 teams at the end of next season with as many clubs as necessary being relegated.

Sauchie joined 29 of their peers in voting to pass the plans and for boss Fraser Duncan it means he can finally look ahead to next season.

He told Advertiser Sport: “It is now about looking at how we attack next year, when we attack next year, or even if there is going to be a next year.

“It is a difficult one at the minute. I am trying to stay positive that we will start up in August again, but I don’t know.

“For Sauchie, it will be a different season next year and we are not going to have the money we usually do. Some clubs will be really struggling.

“The good thing is we are going to be here and if we can be here at a certain level then we will be happy with that.

“Every team will be in the same boat and there will be cuts to budgets.”

Sauchie are in little danger of disappearing from the Clacks football scene any time soon and are in a better place than many clubs across the country to deal with the game’s extended lockdown.

This is in no small part to the generosity of the Reds’ fans, who are backing several fundraisers by the club, and Sauchie’s dedicated committee going the extra mile to support their team.

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Duncan added: “The good thing for us is that we have a brilliant committee there who are supporting us through it all.

“I’ve been up at the park and there are people still working on it and doing the best they can, whilst staying away from each other. They are working away and painting.

“There is stuff getting done in the dugouts and we are doing work on the pitch.

“It is great to see that and they obviously have Sauchie at heart and want to support us going forward.”