FOR many in Clacks, the last few months of life in a pandemic have been uncertain and difficult. 

Sauchie boss Fraser Duncan is no different, but, he believes they have also proven to be an opportunity to teach an old dog new tricks. 

Duncan has made no secret he put football to one side at the start of the crisis, focusing on family and friends during an unprecedented time. 

In recent months, he's been back back doing what he loves best, placing the building blocks by securing "99 per cent" of his squad. Numerous additions have signed up as the Reds look to avoid the bother they had during last season's Premier Division campaign. 

"It's difficult," Duncan, 37, said when asked by Advertiser Sport how he's had to adjust during the pandemic. "The first few weeks this was happening, football was right at the back of my mind. Rightly so, I think. It had to take a back seat when there was a pandemic going on.

"It's been a strange one. When the time came for me to start thinking about football, it actually went quite smoothly. 


"Yes, there were challenges. Challenges in not being able to meet with players and a lot of it was done over the phone.

"Then when things were lifted and we could meet one-to-one, we were able to meet but had to stick 2m apart, which made it a bit tricky to get your message across. 

"I've told players what I want to do and where I want the club to go. It's difficult as we don't have a date and it means we are in limbo. 

"Once we get the green light, we'll be going for it all guns blazing."

When the time does come to open the doors to Beechwood Park, Duncan is sure his players will be ready to hit the ground running. 

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Duncan is sure Sauchie's stars will be ready to hit the ground running when they return to action Duncan is sure Sauchie's stars will be ready to hit the ground running when they return to action

"Most of our players have kept themselves reasonably fit and gone are the days of the old Juniors when players would go to Ibiza and come back to pre-season several stone heavier," he said.  

"Players in our team are definitely fit. Pre-season will be different though and we'll mostly be working on match fitness. 

"It's a big pre-season for a lot of lads who need to understand it will be difficult as we've built a new side."