RAY GRANT believes Alloa are on the right path and just need to get the points to match their performances.

After gaining their first point of the season on Friday night against Dundee, Grant hopes it will kickstart the season, but is still disappointed they didn't get more.

"It's really disappointing," he told Advertiser Sport: "Obviously, we're in a great position at 3-1 up, but we can't keep saying we're hard done by [or] we've played well and not took the points: football's all about winning football matches and, unfortunately, we fell short of that again.

"We've got to keep going, we've got to hang on to leads when we're winning and not invite pressure on ourselves.

"I think that's the disappointing thing for everyone because for how much control we should be in, we end up hanging on a little bit in the end through set plays.

"I thought the only way they were going to score was through set-plays," he added. "They've got a top quality player in Charlie Adam, and ultimately that's happened with the goals.

"So, we're extremely disappointed but we move on to the next one and try and take the positives."

Alongside Stevie Hetherington in midfield, Grant found himself going toe-to-toe with Adam and there was definitely some choice words shared between the two.

Grant continued: "It's just trying to be competitive, he's a top-quality player, he knows how good he is and if you're not going to match him in quality you have to try and match him in other areas.

"Everything stays on the pitch, as I say he showed his quality with the set plays and the penalty kick.

"That's what happens if you allow them to put balls into the box, you'll get punished by someone of his quality."

When asked if Alloa need to focus more to hang on to results in the latter stages of a match, Grant said: "I don't think it's something you can put your finger on to be honest, we just know it's got to be much better.

"We're 1-1 with 20 minutes to go [against Dunfermline] and we lose 4-1. Cannot happen. Then 3-1 [against Dundee], comfortable: can't happen.

"We've only got ourselves to blame, but with this group of boys – they've been outstanding, give everything Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – they give absolutely everything. So, it's disappointing for the boys and the staff who put so much in.

"But we go again and, hopefully, we start picking up the points to match our performances."

Despite his father Peter being the manager, Grant knows he can't just expect to start every match and has been working hard to earn his place.

"It's something you don't really think about once the game starts, you're just another player," Grant said when asked about playing under his dad.

"You have to train well Tuesday and Thursday to try and get in the team then you have to perform on the Saturday to make sure you stay in it because there's a lot of good players here and it's not going to be easy, we've got a lot of quality.

"The boys have been good, made me feel really welcome and hopefully I can repay them with some good performances and we can start making our way up the table."