SAUCHIE boss Fraser Duncan believes the suspension of football at certain levels across Scotland is the right call in order to keep people safe.

Duncan's team saw their season interrupted again when the Scottish Football Association announced all football under Championship level would be suspended until January 31.

While the manager admits it's a difficult decision to accept, he is in no doubt it is the correct one to keep the majority safe.

Duncan told Advertiser Sport: "In my opinion, it should have been stopped at the beginning of December and said this is what we're doing, we'll take December and January out because of the amount of games that gets called off in these two months anyway.

"It's a hard one to take, but it's nothing compared to families that are going through: people being ill and losing people.

"Football's second best at the minute; the most important thing is to keep people alive just now and that's it."

Despite missing their first two games of 2021 through the recent bad weather, Duncan's side have been playing well after a slow start and the suspension comes at a bad time for the club.

He continued: "It's really difficult because if you look at us at the minute, the way we're playing at the moment, it's probably one of the best Sauchie teams we've had in the last seven or eight years.

"To get this interruption is very, very difficult."

Despite his side's form, Duncan knows it's the correct call, not only to keep his players safe but their families too.

"I do think it's right that we keep the player's families safe as well," he continued. "Although we go through as many protocols as we possibly can, and we are strict about it, it wouldn't have been great if one of the players potentially takes virus back into their household.

"Some of our players still live with their parents so it's better to just call it."