SAUCHIE JUNIORS chairman Karl Rennie insists he wants the club to be playing football, but feels it may be wise to write the season off and start next season in a better place.

Fraser Duncan's men have not played a competitive match in 2021 and the Scottish Football Association have once again postponed the return of all Scottish football under Championship level and also women's football.

Asked how the SFA have communicated with clubs, Karl said: "There's no insight, there's nobody looking ahead.

"Being honest, me personally, I think you'd be as well as writing the season off and, hopefully, when we start the new season we'll be in a better place.

"I'd rather play football. There is talk of when we do start back they want us to carry out testing. It's too expensive for us, there'll be more clubs than us in the same boat.

"We're no further forward, we don't know if we're coming or going."

Currently, the club are relying on the sales of signed shirts, posters and the Donate a Ticket scheme to survive.

Karl added: "If it wasn't for Matty [Hollingworth, club vice-secretary] we wouldn't be in the position we're in."

The chairman also voiced his frustration at the suspension of lower league football, especially considering the record the league has in dealing with the virus.

He added: "We've played so many games since the start of the season and not a single person has come back with a positive test.

"The thing I can't understand is how can we play for so many months with the safeguards we had in place and no records of anybody catching Covid at the grounds then all of a sudden we're the bad ones who've got to sit and wait while it's only the Premiership and the Championship who can play?

"If you had an end goal it would help everybody and everybody would be in the same position."

The most recent SFA statement is hardly a vote of confidence for anyone associated with Scottish football outside the top two divisions.

It states: "We will continue to speak with all parties in the meantime and will provide a further update by March 1.

"This date should not be seen as a proposed restart date, however, it should help provide some clarity to affected clubs to aid their planning over the short term."