BRIAN MORGAN has said he's quietly confident about Sauchie's prospects for this season as the club continues its run of pre-season friendlies.

The club have played a number of friendlies since getting the green light to return, and Morgan is delighted to be back playing.

He told Advertiser Sport: "It's been good but it's been hard as well with injuries because boys have been out for so long, their bodies don't seem to be used to playing so any wee knock they get that's them out for a couple of weeks. It's frustrating but it's good to be back playing.

"I never stopped all the way through. Last year when the pandemic first hit, I was out running all the time and I came back fitter than I had ever been.

"Then I started getting injured, so this year I thought I'll just do what I always do: a couple of weeks before pre-season starts I went out a few runs and just ease myself back into it. It seemed to work a wee bit better than it did last year."

When the club's season was cut short, the club were finding some form.

"We only played half the season which is quite frustrating but it's the same for everybody," Morgan added. "I'm looking forward to getting back started.

"Near the end of last season we started on a really good run and we were beating teams at the top of the league.

"We've kept the nucleus of that squad, so hopefully we can go about our business quietly and see where we end up. I'm quite positive [about the season].

"We started to get the spine of the team back whereas [beforehand] we were training quite a lot with injuries, then they started to clear up. I didn't think we had the same back four for the first 11 games or something like that, which is ridiculous. Once we got settled we were alright."

It's clear that Morgan is determined not to get carried away, but he's happy with the squad and with fans returning to Beechwood.

Asked if he's feeling confident about the season, he said: "Quietly. I don't really want to shout about it, I want us to go under the radar a wee bit.

"I've no doubt in the ability of our squad, we've got a young squad with some experienced players to help them along so I'm very positive about the squad."

On fans returning, he joked: "I'm delighted to get some stick! It's good for them, they've suffered the same as us because they go to their work through the same for a game on the Saturday.

"They'll not be getting dragged around the shops by their wives; they'll be able to go and watch the football. It's good to have them back and it's good to play in front of them."