JON ROBERTSON said that Alloa can't keep "shooting ourselves in the foot" as another early sending off leads to a frustrating loss at home.

Alloa were defeated 4-2 by Peterhead and had to play the majority of the game with ten men, for the third time in eight games, as keeper David Hutton was sent off.

Robertson said: "I think the start is everything you would look for – I thought we moved the ball well, the front three or four boys were interchanging causing them problems."

"Unfortunately, the start was good and then quick successive bookings for Huts [Hutton]. Listen, we need to have a look at ourselves as well, as that's not the first time this season someone has been sent off in the first half and we can't keep doing that."

He added: "I know the boys are honest and they're not trying to get sent off, but we need to look at that, and be a bit more disciplined."

"We can't keep doing that to ourselves, shooting ourselves in the foot that early in the game."

Robertson, reflecting on Alloa's second goal, said: "A great reaction, I had actually nipped into the toilet and came back out and literally just seen Charlie [Gilmour] running on to it and scoring, ya beauty."

"At that point you're down to ten men, get to half time two each and I still think we've got enough.

"I was still feeling pretty confident at that point that there was still something in it for us.

"But once they got their fourth that was game set really."

When asked about how the team can get back to winning form Robertson said: "The gaffer mention it at the start of the season and has mentioned it throughout consistency is key.

"I still think that's maybe lacking from us and we just need to find a way to be more consistent.

"We've just got to keep working hard, even harder, whatever you think you can do you've got to do more and slowly, you'll keep climbing again, you'll climb the league one team at a time."

He added: "It's a long way to go, we're still there, and we're not far off a lot of teams in this league, but at the minute when you look at it this isn't where we want to be.

"We've just got to keep trying, getting that number back up and back up, and taking one team at a time and that's the plan."