FRASER DUNCAN said he was "chuffed to bits" with his side's performance in Saturday's Scottish Cup victory.

Despite admitting his side didn't play as well as he knows they can, Duncan was thrilled to see his team secure their passage into the third round.

He told Advertiser Sport: "I think we've done well, we've battled and we've maybe not played the best performance we could play, that's maybe been the same for both weeks [against Dunipace in the Challenge Cup the previous week].

"But at least we've battled, we've worked hard and I'm really impressed by the boys, their work rate in the first half – the second half again the work rate was upped and we played better football in the second half.

"The most important thing was winning that game. They're nervy games, they're always going to be touchy. Dunipace have thrown everything at us including the kitchen sink so we've got to take that, go on and win the game and the boys done that.

"I'm not going to take nothing away from them by saying it was a poor performance, we've definitely played better but I'm just going to enjoy it. To get into the third round of the Scottish Cup, in our first time in the cup, is superb."

Duncan said Saturday's result was a proud day for all involved with the club and hopes it kicks the team on going forward.

"I'm proud as anything," he continued. "At the start of the season I made a few comments saying this is the best squad I've ever had and I think they're starting to show that now.

"We've got a great squad – a very, very good squad, a very strong squad, a very competitive squad, but we have got to keep going.

"This has got to push us on now, I'm proud as anything, we were excellent, the work rate, the endeavour and the graft is what got us through. I'm chuffed to bits.

"I can't believe it, the turnout on Saturday was unbelievable. I said years ago the club is a sleeping giant and it's absolutely unbelievable.

"The fans that turned out were superb, to see the young teams there – we've now got an academy that goes right from toddlers to the first team, we've got women's football, disabled football, walking football, we do the whole lot and for me that's what a club's all about.

"To see faces [on Saturday] from the academy and young boys from the academy it was brilliant, the fans were brilliant."

Sunday's draw tied Sauchie with an away trip to cinch League One side Dumbarton. Speaking on Saturday before the draw, Duncan said: "We'll take anybody...[we're] not bothered who it is."