ANDY GRAHAM believes Saturday's score line didn't reflect the performance and admitted the players expect more from each other.

Saturday saw the Wasps travel to league leaders Cove Rangers and Barry Ferguson's men were defeated 3-0.

Graham, speaking to Advertiser Sport, said: "We were actually pretty confident going up there because we had played so well the week before [against Clyde]. I know we didn't get the result but when you play well you take confidence from it.

"We started really well, for the first half hour we really dominated the game and we felt we were going to win the game. We were in control, we had a lot of the ball.

"They scored with, really, their first chance and it's a great finish but when it's their first chance on our goal it deflates you a little bit and it was disappointing to go into half time a goal down because we definitely didn't deserve it.

"Second half, we didn't start as well as we could have. [They get] a penalty and from then on it's an uphill struggle.

"That suited them…they could then sit in and hit us on the counter attack as we chased a goal to get back into the game and inevitably that's what's happened at the end."

Graham admits results haven't been great but believes the performances have deserved more in recent weeks.

He continued: "I think 3-0's a harsh reflection on the game overall. Don't get me wrong, in the second half we're all disappointed and we spoke at the end about that.

"We expect better as each other from a group and, hopefully, in the next couple of weeks we'll see that because I don't think we've been playing too badly.

"Results haven't been great but certainly Clyde and the first half on Saturday weren't a million miles away from where we want to be, we're just not taking our chances at the moment or losing the first goal which, in this league, is so, so important."

One factor so far in Alloa's league campaign has been the ability to defeat the teams at the top of the table but struggle against the teams near the bottom.

"Look at our record and that's what has frustrated us the most," Graham continued. "Look at our upcoming fixtures and people will probably say it's a tough run but for us, hopefully with the way results have been, it's not as tough as it looks on paper.

"If we turn up and play as we have done in previous games then we're more than capable of getting results against every one of those teams."

What has become clear in recent weeks, either in the noise from the stands or on social media, is the fans' frustration towards what they're seeing on the pitch.

Graham continued: "We still need the support, now more than ever. You need supporters to back you as a team because that's when you need it the most.

"And it's hard, I get it, I know how hard it can be when you're not winning games and it's frustrating.

"Everybody at the club appreciates the sacrifices supporters make to come to Cove away and other places. The more support we can get the better it's going to be for the players on the pitch.

"Coming together as a club and trying to progress and move forward is the most important thing.

The players are just as frustrated as the supporters because we know we're capable of more.

"That's where supporters get frustrated because they'll be looking at our squad on paper and thinking we should be doing more and as players we know that."