SUMMER GARRITY believes Alloa put on their best performance of the season on Sunday and can see the club pushing forward from here.

Alloa were defeated 2-1 by East Fife Development but the performance by the team meant the players left the pitch in a hopeful mood.

Speaking exclusively to Advertiser Sport, Garrity said: “Like the manager just said to us in the changing room, this is without a doubt the best we’ve played all season.

“Every single girl walked off that park with a smile on their face. We definitely should have got a point at least.

“There’s a buzz around us now and this is something we can work on and push forward with.

“We had that enthusiasm to go until the very end, especially when that goal went in we all got that little buzz to get ourselves going.

“Playing 90 minutes week in, week out and the fact we don’t always have [a number of] subs means we need to dig deep but that will only get us fitter.”

Garrity was a vocal presence in the middle of the park and also took charge after the game ended.

She continued: “I was told that the players really enjoyed my guidance, just with that bit of experience behind me.

“Allan [Salvona] asked me to take the cool down after Abbie [Trotter] was injured at the end.

“Again, if the gaffer asks I’ll always step up and push forward. It’s that leadership I’ve got behind me and I do really want to push forward with Alloa and I think we’ve got massive potential.

“I can see this club going far.”

Garrity took some time away from football after leaving her last club, but is clearly loving life in the Wee County.

She said: “I just wanted something that was relaxed, to an extent, get back to getting touches on the ball.

“As soon as I announced that I was leaving football Allan messaged me on Twitter and said: ‘If you’re ever wanting somewhere to release, get your mind going for your mental health’s sake, you can come to Alloa. You don’t need to commit, just come for training and see how it goes’.

“Ever since that first session it’s been a great step for me and my mental health.

“It made me feel at ease, took the pressure off. Allan’s been a great support to myself.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic, the girls have been absolutely fantastic. Allan’s been one of the best coaches I think I’ve ever had. Straight away when I came in for my trial, the girls welcomed me in.”

With such a positive spirit around the team after Sunday’s performance, Garrity has high hopes for the rest of the season.

She continued: “For this season we just want to get ourselves going, obviously this is our first season. We want to get players in, get the ball moving and get the tactics right. Today, for example, it was a different game and we can build from that.

“We want to win, that might not always happen, but we will always push forward.

“Every single person walked off with a massive smile on their face, there’s a buzz. Even after training on Thursday there was a massive change of atmosphere.

“We’re all a team, we’re not individuals. We are a unit.”