MOLLY WILLIAMS is loving her time at Alloa and believes the performance against East Fife was just what the team needed.

Alloa were defeated 2-1 with Williams scoring their goal but the performance has given the squad plenty of confidence.

She feels the goal had been a long-time coming, but has been delighted with life as an Alloa player since joining.

"I've really enjoyed it," she told Advertiser Sport. "I was actually really surprised. I don't know what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it's been.

"The set-up is so professional, getting to use the stadium. Even simple things like the strips, I think it's great."

Williams' career in football goes back to her days as a youngster. Jimmy Bone, her great uncle, was a professional footballer, playing for Partick Thistle, Celtic, Norwich, Arbroath, Hong Kong Rangers and many other teams.

He was the one who taught her how to play and she hasn't looked back since.

She said: "I joined a boys team when I was six or seven because there wasn't any girls teams and I played there until I was 13.

"Then I joined Milton's girls set-up but I stopped when I left high school to go to college.

"When I went to university I joined their team and then I saw the opportunity at Alloa and thought I'd give it a try."

Williams still featured for the Stirling University team while playing for Alloa, but now the university season is finished, her sole focus is the Wasps.

As she is studying PE teaching, Molly has found herself bringing her skills to the team.

She said: "I actually really enjoy it. It's good to give them wee pointers that I use throughout the game.

"Before Maisie [McNamara] went back home I was telling her what's annoying for a defender so she could do it to the other team.

"A couple of the other girls, too, when Allan's explaining a drill, he'll maybe say something that's a football term and they're not quite getting it so I'll just explain what he means.

"There's a few of us who are happy to help out."

Manager Allan Salvona has played Williams in midfield but she's happy there or in defence.

She said: "I'm really good at anticipating what's going to happen. I can read the game and read other players so that's why I like to be at the back so I can see everything that's going on.

"I'm quite loud too so I can shout to other people what I can see."

Like others in the squad, Williams sees last week's defeat to East Fife as a big turning point.

She continued: "Sunday was so different to previous games. I don't know if it's just took us a couple of games to get to know each other and get comfortable and come out our shells.

"Everybody just seemed to be enjoying it. That was the first time we felt like a proper team and we actually played better because of that.

"We needed that confidence boost that we can take on these teams that have been together for years and give them a good game."