A CLACKS teenage footballer who plays for McDermid Ladies has described how much she's loving her time with the club.

Daisie Donegan joined Raith Rovers last year when she was 15 years old and made her first team debut shortly after.

Now 16, Daisie currently plays for McDermid Ladies who defeated Alloa Athletic's Women's team 2-0 earlier this month.

For Daisie, and parents Sean and Michele, it's been a great experience, both on and off the pitch.

Daisie told Advertiser Sport: "It's been good, it's a lot different. The players you're playing against are a lot stronger.

"Everyone's more experienced than me. I think I've had more opportunities."

Daisie has missed training recently as she's been studying for exams at Lornshill Academy. Ironically, she was playing for McDermid Ladies on Thursday, June 9 against Alloa Athletic at her school.

Sean said: "It was a massive step [up] and I was a bit concerned because of the physicality but that's not been an issue whatsoever, she's really stepped up.

"The team has a wealth of experience and they really took her under her wing being 15. It's a right unit and I think that really shows in how the team is performing just now.

"It's very positive, she's very happy, loves training and playing."

Raith Rovers were thrown into the spotlight earlier this year when the men's team signed David Goodwillie, who was branded a rapist during a 2017 civil court case.

Tyler Rattray, the captain of the women's team at the time, took to Twitter to announce she'd be leaving the club after 10 years.

Shortly after, the full team announced they would also be quitting and then McDermid Ladies was founded with financial support from lifelong Raith Rovers fan and sponsor Val McDermid.

Daisie said: "We're like a big friend group, everyone's close. Tyler, if anyone ever has any problems, she just deals with them. If I ever needed her she'd definitely be there.

"As soon as we all found out [about Goodwillie] everyone just decided. Tyler made it official on her Twitter and then we took part in a few Zoom calls and me and my dad joined and said our opinion and everyone agreed.

"Within the next week we changed our name, Tyler's mum had kits ready for us and everything was done quickly."

Daisie's little sister was even invited by the team to help design their new badge.

She continued: "Everyone gets along so well and it makes it so much easier to play together on the pitch.

"Everyone is so good with everybody including my mum, dad and wee sisters. It's really good."

Sean added: "It's fantastic, I get on really well with all the ladies. I'm at training twice a week and they're a fantastic bunch.

"They look out for Daisie, they back her up. I was concerned about the big step up but there's nothing to worry about. The coaches are great. It's a fantastic group of people."