BRIAN MORGAN is looking forward to Saturday’s season opener, albeit with slight reservations.

Morgan, who was 33 on Tuesday, was deployed in an unfamiliar position at the Sauchie Cup last weekend and his performance may have given the management team some ideas.

Asked if he’s looking forward to the opener, against Tynecastle at Beechwood, he told Advertiser Sport: “Aye and naw because I think I’m playing at the back.

“We’ve had a few injuries. They tried something different on Saturday and I know the level of opponent wasn’t what it’s going to be on [this] Saturday but I think they were pretty happy with what they seen.

“It’s maybe just with my experience, I’m one of the older boys in the team.”

With pre-season over, Morgan is excited to getting back to playing competitively and hopes the team have a strong start.

He continued: “I’m looking forward to playing proper games. Playing friendlies, there’s no such thing as a friendly because I get in about every game as it is, but you know there’s something to play for.

“It was hard to put your finger on what happened last year. We were playing well and just not getting results. It seemed to be every time we made a mistake we were getting punished but when the other team made a mistake we couldn’t counter and punish them.

“We found a balance in the team, once we settled down we went on an unbeaten run of games which was brilliant in our league.”

Morgan also said he hopes the club’s efforts in getting players tied down early will help the team hit the ground running.

“I speak quite a lot with Fraser [Duncan, manager] and Davy [Beaton, assistant manager], he speaks to the senior players a lot so we’ve got the link up between the management team and the players and he asked me my thoughts.

“I told them to get everyone signed up [for this season] as soon as possible.

“We finished the season really well, we’ve got some cracking players up there so I wanted to kick on with them.

“Hopefully with the boys signed on we don’t have to start again and we can just kick on.”