ALLOA need to be starting every game in the manner they did during Saturday's second half according to David Devine.

The defender believes the goals Alloa conceded were cheap in Saturday's 3-0 defeat but praised his teammates for their improved performance in the second half.

Speaking exclusively to Advertiser Sport for the first time since joining the club on loan from Motherwell, he said: "I thought we started the game very slow [in the] first half, it's not what we want to do.

"Second half was much better but the goals we concede are far too cheap. It's something we need to improve on, take the second half performance into the next few weeks' games because we've got some tough games coming up but we can't defend like that or we'll concede a lot of goals this season.

"You go into half time at 1-0 the game's still on. Two goals down, it's still on at 2-0 but, 20 seconds or something before half time, at 1-0 you've got a right chance. It's a sore one to take right on the stroke of half time.

"[How we played in the] second half is what we want to do; we want to get the ball down and play. I felt, in the first half, no-one was getting on the ball and showing a bit of bravery.

"In the second half, everyone wanted the ball. I don't know if it's because we're getting beat 2-0 but we need to be starting games much better and starting them like [we played] in the second half."

Devine is comfortable with the ball at his feet and the defender says Brian Rice's style of play was a factor in his decision to join.

He said: "Gaffer spoke to me before I came here, said he wants to play and he knows that's the way I like to play. I've always played like that so if we play like that in the second half then that suits me."

Alloa were unbeaten in five before Saturday and Devine wants the team to put this performance behind them quickly and get another run going again.

He said: "The boys have been performing really well, getting good results. That was five games unbeaten [before Saturday] so I think we need to take that as a one-off. We weren't at it for the first 45 minutes, that's killed us so we just need to move on. We've got a tough run but we can definetly get a run going again."

Devine was unable to play last season due to an injury so, despite the result on Saturday, he's just glad to be out on the pitch again.

Furthermore, he's loving the opportunity to learn from the experienced heads at Alloa.

He said: "I've really enjoyed it, the gaffer's been brilliant with me. I've been out a long time with injuries so, personally, I'm just enjoying being back playing football and games every week, that's what it's all about.

"I missed the whole of last season through injury so playing every week, I'm really enjoying it.

"I've missed a lot of football so I need to make up for the experience I've missed and guys like Andy [Graham] have been brilliant with me since I've came here, these guys can help me out and help me improve as a footballer."