ROSS KAVANAGH praised his teammates for a ruthless performance on Saturday and believes they’re capable of winning the league.

Sauchie eliminated Bonnyrigg Rose from the Scottish Cup with a 3-2 victory and Kavanagh said that level of performance has been brewing.

Speaking to Advertiser Sport, he said: “That’s such a solid performance from the guys, it’s been a long time coming. We’ve been slacking off every now and again for a few games but that’s the first time we’ve really stuck together for the win so I’m buzzing,

“I’m really pleased to be into the next round. I’m just gutted I never got my goal but I’m so happy we got the result.”

To a man Sauchie were excellent and Kavanagh said: “That’s exactly what we needed. Everyone [had to be] on their game and everyone done their job.”

There was magic in the air and Kavanagh dedicated the win to the people who make this club to special.

He said: “You can’t really explain the feeling until you’re in it yourself. It’s not just for the guys wanting to win and get through into the next round against the bigger teams, it’s for the club as well.

“For the fans, we’ve got so much support and that’ll mean a lot to them.”

Kavanagh had the ball in the back of the net but the goal was disallowed. He’s on 16 goals for the season and he outlined the reasons he’s having such a successful season.

He continued: “Everything has fallen into place for me for sure, from the start of the season until now but being played in my natural position.

“I’ve been played on the wing a lot of my career. Also, a full pre-season which I’ve not had in a while, playing in a number 9 role.

“I think a big part of it is feeling appreciated, I’m not just another player. The gaffer believes in me a lot. I’ve got a lot to owe the club.

“This is the most I’ve enjoyed my football in a long time so I just need to keep at it.”

Kavanagh is hopeful his team can continue this level of performance in their league duties.

He said: “It’s brilliant being in the Scottish Cup but we have the ability to win the league, it’s just about the lapses in concentration that let us down.

“We just need to keep on performing like we did [on Saturday].

“We were ruthless, we were just at it. Full of pressure, everyone was on their game and we secured it.”