BRIAN RICE didn't mince his words as he lambasted his side for throwing away victory on Saturday.

Alloa raced into a 3-0 lead within 20 minutes but lost the game 4-3 to FC Edinburgh.

Speaking after the match, a frustrated Rice said: "Performance, first half: excellent, to be 3-1 up. Second half: unacceptable.

"We got ourselves in a brilliant position, gave away some horrendous goals. We had to make three changes to the back four from last week but that's no excuse, the boys that came in are experienced players.

"The goals we lost were unacceptable and then Cammy O'Donnell…red mist, red card. Lets his teammates down, lets everyone down and we lose the game.

"He's a young lad, he needs to learn. He's created three goals for us.

"We've got to defend better than that but they know that, we've told them about it."

Rice continued: "It's the angriest I've been since I came to the club. It's the angriest I've been and the most disappointed I've been [because of] the goals we lost and the lack of discipline.

"I preach all the time about discipline [and to] keep 11 men on the pitch.

"We didn't compete," he continued. "Watch the last goal: a simple ball into the box, we don't defend it, we don't pick up second balls. [I'm] just really disappointed and really angry."

The manager raged at the poor decision-making which cost his team the victory.

He continued: "We're trying to play him offside [for the first goal], it's something I never preach. I never preach playing offside, don't take the chance. We try to play offside, we lose a goal.

"I said at half-time just win the second half, just go and win. We couldn't do that.

"Again, we lose an early goal. Individual mistake, letting a cross come in, no marking.

"We go right down the pitch and get a penalty. We miss the penalty.

"We're 3-0 up, we get a man sent off. I've got three or four boys out the team because they've got injuries and one that's working and couldn't get time off. No excuses, we should win the game."

Asked if he could take positives from the first half, Rice said it was too raw to do it after the match.

"I'll do that through the week," he said. "I'm too disappointed. I'm really, really disappointed. It's the most disappointed I've been since I came to the club. I'm angry.

"We were limited with our choice of substitutions, who to put on. We had a few injuries but absolutely no excuses, we've got to defend better.

"We had the game won and we could have had more than three in the first half. Cammy O'Donnell's missed a header, Luke Donnelly's missed a great chance."

With injuries and player absences causing a reshuffle to the team, Rice continued: "I said to some of them in there it's an opportunity for you, with the boys that are out injured, to come in, get yourself in the team and if you do well enough you'll stay in it."

Asked if the players that came in done that, Rice said: "I'll speak about us as a team, I won't speak about individuals.

"I've spoken to Cammy. He knows how disappointed I am but I'll not single anybody out. We win and we lose as a team but there's certain bits of the game where you've got to have discipline.

"It's just reckless and crazy from Cammy but he knows that and he'll learn from it, he needs to learn from it."

Next up for Alloa is Open Goal Broomhill on Friday in the Scottish Cup, 3rd round.

Rice added: "It's another competitive game, it's a banana skin for us. We're playing against a team that's got absolutely nothing to lose. I spoke to them about it, [to] make sure we're ready to go.

"It's a big game for us, football's got an awful habit of kicking you in the backside when you switch off and don't respect it and that's what happened to us [on Saturday afternoon]."

When questioned if the injured players will be available for Friday, Rice said he didn't know but seemed to send a message to those who were missing.

He said: "I've no idea when they'll be available, it's the physio's job to get them fit. I'm disappointed they're not fit. I'm a great believer in if I say to somebody that it's the Scottish Cup final tomorrow, would [they] be fit? Nine times out of 10 they'd be fit.

"I'm disappointed with the injuries. Kevin Cawley couldn't play [on Saturday, as] he's just started a new job and he couldn't get the day off. That's acceptable, I understand that. This happens at part-time level.

"Boys have got to be prepared to run through a brick wall for you. Would Andy Graham have missed a game? No, he'd run through a brick wall for you. I want guys at this club that's going to run through a brick wall for me.

"If you're not going to run through a brick wall for me, and for the fans, don't come back.

"Run through a brick wall for me."