AMY CULLY feels Alloa still have room to improve despite an incredible opening day 5-0 win.

The forward netted twice for the women's team against Athena Glasgow on Sunday, and proved to be a constant threat throughout.

She capped a fantastic display, which also saw a double from Cree Connell and another added by skipper Abbie Trotter.

However, Cully feels there is much more to come for the Wasps who have only recently returned to training.

Speaking to Advertiser Sport after the match, she admitted it was good to be back playing football and hopes the Wasps can build on their successful first season.

She said: “It was good today, really good to get back out and get a big win on our first game back.

“Considering we’ve just got a 5-0 win after only one week of training, it does definitely help us stay positive.

“We’ve got a lot of new players in which helps improve the team where it needs it.

“It’s just good to be playing again.”

Cully continues her goalscoring form from the previous season, which saw her score on the last game of the season against Buchan Ladies United.

After joining the team halfway through the first season, Cully helped transform the attack, constantly threatening opposition goal and often bagging goals.

Alloa Women have moved from the North/East League they played in last year to the newly founded Biffa West League, where they will come up against fresh opponents.

She added: “It’ll be good to come up against these new teams; face some new challenges. I think it’ll help us work harder as a team again.

“We want to make sure we’re coming out with the same results that we had at the end of last season.

“We want to maintain that form in the new league.”