AFTER a series of frustrating postponements, Sauchie Juniors returned to action last weekend with a 1-0 victory at home to Broxburn.

Sauchie had seen games against Penicuik and Haddington called off due to bad weather, with their last game being played against Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale on January 7.

Nevertheless, Fraser Duncan’s side managed to secure three points against Broxburn, and the manager feels they were unlucky not to score more.

He told Advertiser Sport: “It was great to finally get back at it. We’ve only had one game since Christmas, so it’s been difficult to keep us ticking over.

“We’ve had to get the guys back up to speed and I think that showed on Saturday. We became stronger as the game went on.

“For it to only be 1-0, I think we’ve definitely missed a few chances. Justice was done though for us to get that goal. We definitely deserved it, we were the better side.

“We looked good, so it was great to get us back at it and back on the ball. We need to keep pushing now.”

Duncan had previously told Advertiser Sport about a lack of training facilities available to Sauchie over the winter period.

The manager talked about the impact that had had on the team and the concerns he had going into Saturday’s game as a result.

“We’re having to jump here and there and do wee bits where we can,” he added. "We try to train on Tuesdays, but there’s nowhere for us to go.

“We train twice a week but we’re having to play the first training game on the pitch which doesn’t help our ground at all.

“We had two good sessions through the week and fitness levels are definitely better. I think that told on Saturday when we went into the game.

“I found I couldn’t make a lot of subs during the game. We were on top throughout and I didn’t want to lose that, so the guys had to rely on their fitness."

Next up for Sauchie Juniors is a fourth round Challenge Cup game against Third Division side Fauldhouse and the boss is hoping his side can progress to the next round.

“They’re a couple leagues below us, but this is cup final for them,” Duncan added. “They like to turn up against the Premier League teams.

“This will be an opportunity for us to move the squad about a bit but we’ve got a good enough team that we think we can get through to the next stage.

“We’ll be put a bit further behind due to being out of league action this weekend, but that’s our doing for performing well in the cups, so we can’t complain too much.”

Sauchie Juniors will play away to Fauldhouse on Saturday, February 4, at 1.30pm.