ALLOA ATHLETIC bounced back from a sore defeat at Falkirk to produce a second half masterclass against Montrose over the weekend.

The Wasps struggled in the first half, with the visitors controlling the game and giving Alloa a lot to contend with.

Manager Brian Rice switched things up at the break, making three substitutions, changing the game on its head immediately.

Within the first five minutes of the second half, a commanding run from Quinn Coulson saw the ball crossed to Luke Donnelly who flicked it into the path of Adam King allowing him to smash it home.

Alloa built up momentum in the second half with Coulson, remaining a focal point for the attack, sparking frustration among the Montrose backline.

Speaking to the Advertiser Sport after the match, Coulson said the win was important as they strive to maintain a place in the playoffs.

He said: “It was a great win, it was important for us to bounce back after last week’s performance.

“It’s important for us now to keep pushing and build on a huge three points for us.

“Coming out from the second half, we just needed to add more energy and get the ball down. We were guilty of playing long balls too much.

“The three coming on [Donnelly, King and Robertson] really suited us when we got on the ball. Luke managed to get into some pockets of space and it helped us a lot.”

Alloa now sit fourth in the league table and are competing for the playoff spots as they enter the last ten games of the season.

A visit to league leaders Dunfermline awaits the Wasps, who will be hoping to maintain a shot at the playoffs.

“We’re ready for it,” Coulson added. “We’re going to give it a right good go, there’s nothing for us to be scared of.

“We’re a good team and we know what we’re capable of and what we can achieve.

“This is a game where we can go and push for the three points.”