ABBIE TROTTER feels the win against Motherwell was pivotal in Alloa regaining some of their past form.

The Wasps started the season off strongly, winning three in three and conceding none, but had struggled in their last few games.

Defeats to Harmony Row, Drumchapel and Dunipace had seen Alloa knocked off the top of the table.

It looked like more points were set to be dropped until Savi Mehta knocked in a last-minute winner to give Alloa their first win in three weeks.

Abbie told Advertiser Sport: “With the hard work and determination that we put in, I think we did deserve to get the three points.

“We started the season really strong - nine points from nine, three clean sheets – and then we went to three defeats in a row.

“It was hard. We could feel it wasn’t going our way and there was a little bit of unrest in the squad but we felt really good going into this one and getting the three points.

“This was crucial for us and it’s really lifted the spirits, morale has boosted and we’re raring to go for this week’s training and getting prepped for Bishopton at home on Sunday.”

The women’s team is facing a transition period at the moment, with former manager Allan Salvona departing the club after the game against Drumchapel.

Whilst a successor is yet to be appointed, Abbie said the message around the camp was to remain positive and focus on the games.

“We’ve taken the news quite well. We’ve had three tough defeats in a row, but we’ve looked at that and we know that it’s up to us to change that.

“Obviously, it’s not great to have change like that in the middle of the season but we’re fully focused and committed on getting the results we want.”