SAUCHIE JUNIORS crashed out of the Scottish Cup after a poor first round performance against Turriff United.

Mark Smith put the visitors in the lead but Sauchie quickly capitulated, with the assistant manager stating the majority of the squad weren’t at the races.

Turriff got themselves back into the match, scoring just before half time and doubled their goal tally in the second half to make it 2-1.

This was enough to dispatch Sauchie and knock them out of the Scottish Cup in only the first round.

Assistant manager Darren Cummings spoke to Advertiser Sport and said a “lack of desire” formed the downfall for the Reds.

He said: “We started okay; we moved the ball about quite sharp, and we created a couple of good chances.

“Down the right-hand side, Lewis Payne broke free, beat his man and got a shot across which found Mark Smith who poked it in.

“We thought to ourselves we’re a goal up, let’s settle and try to find another, but it just didn’t happen for us.

“We stopped doing what we were good at doing. We just completely stopped. Turriff weren’t that great a side.

“After 15 minutes, our attitudes were absolutely shocking and it was absolutely unacceptable.

“Brian Morgan worked his tail off, he was incredible but you need everyone.

“We showed a total lack of desire from about eight or nine of the boys. Two of them were fully at it but that’s not enough to carry a team.

“You need everybody pulling together and we just looked effortless. After half-time, we were a total shadow of ourselves.

“We were completely toothless and Turriff worked hard and punished us for it.”

This result will come as a sucker punch for Sauchie, who would have been looking to go far in the competition, having made it to the third round last year.

The Reds pulled off a sensational result last year as they defeated League Two side Bonnyrigg Rose before being knocked out by league rivals Linlithgow Rose.

Cummings added that Sauchie will now look to put their full, concentrated effort into the league.

He continued: “We hadn’t started very well in the league so we thought if we got a good run in the cup, it would galvanise us and keep us going.

“Now, that’s not there so we’ve got to pick ourselves up and we’ve got a league to win now.”

“We need to put all our eggs into the league basket and go into Saturday with an eye on winning at Dundonald away.”