A TULLIBODY couple have recently become Time Attack UK champions after competing at events around the country.

Ben Robinson, his girlfriend Jess Ollis, and their team of friends down south were crowned Time Attack champions for the third time in five years.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Ben described his experience taking part in the tournament at Brands Hatch in Kent.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Ben Robinson is delighted to win the Time Attack title.Ben Robinson is delighted to win the Time Attack title. (Image: Ben Robinson)

“It’s awesome to be honest,” he said. “We’re a very small team of friends competing against some top quality teams that have been doing it for a long time.

“Some teams show up with about 15 members of their team who all work in garages, they take it so seriously.

“We turn up and I’m a complete amateur, but we’ve beaten these semi-professional teams so it feels really good.

“We won the tournament points-wise during the second last round, but we had to wait until the last round on Sunday for the presentation.

Time Attack is described as similar to Formula 1 qualifying, in that the goal is to set the fastest time round the track on the day.

Ben and his team drive a heavily modified Noble, taking part in Time Attack tournaments across the UK.

Time Attack tournaments take place at various circuits across the country, the most notable being Brands Hatch, Knockhill and Bolton.

Ben and his team take part in the second highest class for his type of car and they have now seen off upwards of 60 competitors to remain Time Attack champions.

“I absolutely enjoy it,” Ben added. “I took a bit of time off last year as I was with a team that I wasn’t really enjoying.

“I came back this year with a group of friends and I’ve enjoyed it so much more.”

The final Time Attack race took place on Sunday, October 22, at Brands Hatch, before Ben, Jess and the rest of his team were presented as winners.

Anyone interested in viewing Time Attack footage can look it up on YouTube for background info.