ALLOA ATHLETIC WOMEN fought back from a goal down twice against West Park United in the League Cup to maintain their stellar competitive record.

The women’s winning mentality was on full display on Sunday as they conceded two goals to West Park, but dug deep to find two equalisers.

West Park scored early on in the proceedings, but skipper Abbie Trotter responded quickly to bring Alloa back into the game.

The visitors fired in front again shortly before halftime, with the Wasps regrouping at the break to come out the better side.

Alloa gaffer Charles Dignan lauded his side’s mentality and their hunger but lamented the amount of lost chances.

“You have to commend them,” Dignan said. “They’re a team, a group of players who just don’t give up.

“They’re a tough time to beat, we’ve only lost two in 10 games [in all competitions] and they always find a way to walk away with something.

“First and foremost, to come from behind twice and hit the crossbar in the last kick of the ball is fantastic.

“We had about 14 or 15 corners in the second half, we just can’t get the break in the final third at the moment.

“We should be scoring far more than what we’re scoring, we’re creating chances and if we take our chances then teams aren’t getting opportunities to score two or three goals against us.

“We are scoring goals at the moment but our conversion rate isn’t as good as it should be so even though we scored two, we should be scoring nine or 10.”

Trotter scored a header in the last 10 minutes of the game to bring things level, ensuring Alloa’s hard work was rewarded with a point.

The draw against West Park means that Alloa have only lost two of their last 10 competitive games, a record the team is very proud of.

“We’re still unbeaten in the League,” Dignan continued. “We’re doing very well. When I think back to pre-season when we were getting beaten four or five to nil, we’re not getting beat like that anymore.

“We’re walking away winning games or we’re disappointed we’ve not won them. We’re a very hard team to beat so the journey we’ve come on is fantastic.

“We know we’re a hard team to beat so it’s just about getting our conversion rate up. Two losses in 10 games isn’t to be scoffed at.”

Alloa have firmly secured themselves as the team to beat in the League and cemented the Recs as a tough place to go to for visiting teams.

Dignan explained that it’s all about growth within the squad, believing that this growth will bring rewards further down the line.

He added: “We believe in the journey we’re on, we believe in each other and we’re fighting for each other, we grow every week.

“We need to make sure we’re growing and fighting faster than the teams around us. Women’s football is evolving, it gets better every season.

“We just need to make sure we’re growing and the stats show that.”