An Alloa gymnastics club is celebrating some great results at a floor and vault competition.

Alloa Amateur Gymnastics Club competed at Cumbernauld Gymnastics Club's floor and vault competition last weekend. A team of 15 gymnasts took part with an age range of eight to 13 years old.

Isla Cameron, gymnastics coach, said: “The kids all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have spoken with a few of the parents who have all said that they had a great day and loved getting to watch their child compete.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Some of the gymnasts placed in their categories.Some of the gymnasts placed in their categories. (Image: Alloa Amateur Gymnastics Club)

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“For some of our gymnasts this was their first-ever competition and they were very pleased to have done so well.”

Several of the students achieved places in their respective categories. 

“We were very happy with the results, it is very difficult to place at these competitions due to the high numbers of kids taking part so we were very pleased to have come away with several medals and ribbons," added Isla.

“Even those who did not place we thought performed their routines beautifully and with confidence.”

The gymnasts had to perform a floor routine and two vaults. Their floor routines consisted of eight moves from a set skills list, such as cartwheels, splits, and handstands. Their vault routines depended on their age but some gymnasts had to squat on to the vault and then jump off, while others did a handspring over blocks or a handspring lie flat onto mats.

Now, some of the gymnasts are looking forward to a competition this weekend at Kirkcaldy High School.