AMY CULLY won Advertiser Sport Player of the Year Award for her hard work and stellar performances all season.

The attacker has been a reliable option for Alloa Athletic Women during her second year at the club, working under two different managers over the course of the season.

Cully has also worn the captain’s armband numerous times and featured as skipper during the club’s last game of the season.

Speaking to Advertiser Sport, she said: “I feel I have worked hard this year and it’s really nice to see it being recognised.

“It’s good that it’s getting in the papers which will help the club and the women’s game get bigger and recognised more.”

Cully has been a mainstay of the team since its beginnings.

Alloa started the season under Charles Dignan but now have Allan Milne at the helm after Dignan departed for Dunfermline.

The Wasps finished the season in fifth place, with the striker adding that she feels the team is definitely on an upward direction.

“I feel we’ve improved massively,” Cully continued. “Week by week, the team is coming together more and we’re playing for each other more.

“We’re also doing what the coaching staff’s asking and it’s coming off, it’s working and the more time we spend as a team, we’re going to get better results.

“[Working with Milne] was an adjustment at first but the more we get on, the players are gelling more with the coaching staff and the staff are gelling more with the players.

“The players and the coaching team have a really good relationship, I like the way they coach and it is working so I’m really enjoying working under them.”

Cully also confirmed she will be staying next year, with the women’s season having wrapped up on Saturday.

This will be Milne’s first opportunity to fully build the team he is looking for.

“I’ll be here next year,” Cully confirmed. “I’m going to America in the summer to do coaching and then I’ll be back here after that.”