ANDY GRAHAM looks forward to welcoming Neil Parry back to the Recs as the Wasps legend takes up the position of goalkeeping coach.

As reported by the Advertiser, Parry has signed up as keeper coach for the upcoming 2024/25 season, replacing the outgoing Robert Glen.

Parry was a former mainstay at the Recs until his departure for Clyde in 2021 under the Barry Ferguson era.

Primarily a coach, he will continue to be registered as a player in case of emergencies, with his main duties to be overseeing training and development of PJ Morrison and Phil Ogayi, should the latter sign again with Alloa.

Speaking to Advertiser Sport, Graham hailed Parry’s character and the influence he will have on the team.

“Neil will be registered as a player mainly because why wouldn’t we,” Graham said. “He’s still in really good shape and can still contribute in a playing sense.

“He’s in predominantly as a coach, that’s something he’s coming in to do. I’m keen to work with Neil, he’s someone I’ve known for a long time and I know what qualities he can bring.

“Not just as a goalkeeper but as a person as well and I think that’s really important within the backroom staff that I’ve assembled that we’ve got people there that I know can contribute in a big way.

“Neil’s no different in that – he’s fully aware that he’s coming in and he’ll be available if we need him.

“If Phil Ogayi stays on, I’ll be delighted with the goalkeeping department; if he doesn’t, it’ll be something we’ll address at the time.

“In terms of Neil, I’m delighted that he’s agreed to come because he could’ve very easily kept playing and he had a few offers.

“He’s decided that he wants to take that step into the coaching world, he came in and helped us out at various times last year.

“The goalies were really receptive to the sessions he put on and I want Alloa to be a place that people are excited about training at and the goalkeeping department is no different.

“Neil will bring personality too and I’m looking forward to working with him.”